Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Unless you can read minds you'll never know what a person is truly like. You may see things that aren't there or you may see what you want to see. Not that I'm saying there is no way of knowing certain things, there are ways of knowing some of them, but not all. It is clear when someone is a holier-than-thou, an optimist, negative,... Easy things you can see or hear. But let's be honest you can't always tell if someone is lying, cheating, full of the devil, full of God,... Unless you're them and sometimes we think more highly of ourselves than we should, you know we see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, so on.
I'm imperfect. I'm negative, lazy, self-centered, hard headed, needy,... Well, you get the point it's not good stuff. I'm not proud, but I'm not blind I see my faults. I won't tell you that I'm better than what I am. I can sing, but I'm only an average singer. I can cook, but only a few dishes and I'm still not the best at that. I'm a Christian, but I'm not the best Christian, I'm often to busy with normal life to listen to what's around me, it's better if things are shown to me in a dream. I've seen people in my dream that I'd never met before and I've dreamed out a whole day before it happened, but I can't tell you the future. I'll give you my advice, but it may not be the best. I can touch God through my prayer, but I'm sure others have had more powerful experiences than me. Does any of this make anyone better than me? No! And am I better than them? No! You may be better at things than I am and I may be better at things than you, but neither is a better person. I may study things besides the bible, but that doesn't mean that they're demonic or that I am, people are curious about the unknown that's normal human nature. How does mind control work or what would have happened if things would have worked out differently. Not to say that we'll try to use mind control on others or that we want things to change to the other way, just that it's unknown and we're curious. Sometimes things look like one thing and aren't that way, maybe you know someone who studies mind control and so you happen to read something about mind control and that has happened, so you think that they used it, it could be a coincidence. Point is stop reading into things. God knows their heart and He will take care of it. Don't say you know something that you have no clue about. Let God deal with it. It will all work out for good.

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