Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

So today I woke up at 10am, which is not my normal wake up time, but I was feeling really tired so I decided to sleep in. Once I woke up I decided I would get on the Wii Fit and weigh myself before I ate anything so I did.

The longer I was up the more grumpy I noticed I was. I hate waking up grumpy, if I'm going to be up I want to be happy! You feel the same way right? I guess that was to much to ask for this morning though.

So far today I have weighed myself on the Wii Fit, exercised on the Wii Fit, ate, watched Twilight, been a pillow to 2 of my cats, and started watching New Moon. Oh and I also tried to be a little creative and draw, but it just wasn't working very well so I decided to give up. It's not that I'm bad at creative stuff, but I just need some lessons and some practice.

I still need to finish catching up on the rest of the dishes, which luckily there are only a few, fold some laundry, and pick up some of the "clutter" in the house.

Everything I've done today sounds pretty boring right? I'll tell you it definitely isn't. Today is my only day that I don't HAVE to go anywhere so I'm just trying to relax, if I don't get the stuff done that needs done then I'll do it tomorrow. After all my favorite saying when it comes to cleaning is, "It can wait, it's not like it's going anywhere!" Lol.

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