Sunday, March 6, 2011

4 more days!!

Today is Sunday. I woke up 'jumped' into some clothes, went to stock the bread at Walmart, then I came back and got ready for church. Wen't to church, went to Ponderosa, went to my mom's to help my sister's husband (who ended up not needing help) and then home.

At Ponderosa I saw my dad and my step-mom, Mari. I sat down with them and talked for a few minutes until my mom and Mike got there then I said my goodbyes and went and got some food. The Lambert's unfortunately couldn't be there today due to a wedding, but that's okay.

At church our Pastor preached on "What If?" It was good and the "what if" lead to a lot of good questions. :) And I took my Kindle to church as my bible :)

At my mom's we borrowed their HDMI cord to see if, well, one it would work for what we wanted and two if we liked it. We do.

As for right now Miles is playing a video game and I'm getting ready to get off here and get some water or something to drink, I'm really thirsty!

Hopefully we'll make it to church tonight.

Have a great Sunday and great church services!

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