Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wii Fit Plus

So since Miles sister took her Wii Fit Plus stuff back Miles agreed to buy the stuff for me. I finally (it hasn't been that long just can't wait until I can use it!) received the Wii Fit Plus Game, now I'm waiting on the Wii Fit Board, we got an off brand that is actually more like a scale, it has the little electronic area that says your weight (SO cool). They said the estimated time to get the board is the 24th, which is way to long! I would like it NOW!

I need to lose this weight pronto! I would like to feel good about me again and that will only start to happen when I don't weigh about 40-50 pounds overweight (Well, maybe it isn't ALL overweight, but more than I want to be). I will be down to a good weight again and I don't care if people don't believe me. Most likely all those people who think they're such big shots/high up and that look down on me for the extra weight/whatever else will probably end up fat anyways, it will always come back to bite you in the butt, in this case you can add the stomach, face, arms, legs, and basically every other part of the body.

I'm trying to learn to be nicer to people, so that I may avoid the payback. Let me explain it's not that I'm trying to be mean or even that I'm necessarily mean, I'm just very shy and that comes off mean sometimes. And I do get angry at people for stupid driving or just stupidness in general (I understand if they have some sort of disorder or whatever, but people just not using their brains makes me mad. So I will call them names such as loser, idiot, stupid, moron,... blah blah. And to be truthful I don't know who that person is or what they're like they could have a disorder and literally be one of the names that I call them, without it being their fault. Maybe they're just having a bad day and God knows if I was having a bad day I would want people to give me a break.

Anyways today is my day off, so I'm going to get off here and enjoy it! Have a great day!!

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