Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Be Bold!

When decorating for a baby's room what's one of the first things you normally hear? It's that the room has to stimulate the baby, right? It has to have lots of color, but not just any colors they need to be bright and bold. So someone tell me why so many people now days are depriving their children of the colorful stimulation that they need. You see white, barely green, barely pink, barely blue,... No, you go with GREEN, PURPLE, BLUE, YELLOW, ... BOLD COLORS.

I know that these bold colors may not match the rest of your house, but I personally can't wait to make a big, bright, bold world for my baby, whenever that day comes. They need that and I understand that.

Some people require the bold colors until the day they die and some grow out of it in their teen years, but lets be honest most people just LOVE bold colors, but they don't do them because the fashion now is boring and bland. I don't care what the "fashion people" say is a "fashion don't" I'm going to go with the colors that I like and the colors that put me in a good mood. They say some things are fashion that don't match at all so their opinions just don't count in my book.

Anyways, my point is your baby needs the stimulation from the bold colors so just give it to them!

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