Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Day Is Here! ...Excitement!

Whelp, the house is clean and I'm waiting for a little bit of time to pass before I go to the store to buy some groceries. I decided in my time of waiting that would get online, check e-mails, facebook, blog,... you know the normal stuff.

I'm super excited that my dad and Mari are coming over to our house for the first time. It only took almost a year of living here before they came over. I know part of that is my fault, even if other people disagree. Wow, people tell me not to be negative and a downer. Lol.

I also have to still have my sister Nyla and my sister Shari over (and their families) and my brother Ryan and his family. Who as long as they don't call it off (...again) Should be getting married in a few months. Back to who still needs to come over, instead of naming a WHOLE bunch of names I'll just say 99% of our friends.

I'm so excited to know that my first baby blanket is almost done! So that will go up in the guest bedroom closet, which is basically my second closet. It has my baby stuff and the stuff for when we have a baby, our wedding stuff, and just some other random things. And if you really want to be shocked, even with all that stuff in there it is clean and put away, people can go in there and look at the stuff. It's amazing and makes me feel good :)

Anyone want to go shopping for me? I mean really I have to go to Wal-Mart every single day except for Tuesdays for work and most Tuesdays for some reason or another I STILL end up in there! I just don't find it fair. I have to get tomatoes, lettuce, hamburger buns, and some yarn for my crocheting. No, really I'll get it myself, it's not like it's a whole cart load of stuff so I'll live. I just don't want to get out in this weather.

By the way, in case you read this and have no clue about the weather where I am. It's rainy and storming and just blah. So whoever has the sun shine enjoy it and please send some this way.

Ok, so normally I'm a complete homebody, for those of you outgoing people who don't know what that is, it is someone who prefers to be in there house pretty much all the time. But this week is booked. I mean Sundays there's church -passed that day, Monday I had to clean, go to work, and had TWO unexpected visitors -passed, Tuesday aka Today we have my dad and Mari over which caused some more cleaning, Wednesday is work and church, Thursday we're having someone (one that I know of maybe two) over and work, Friday there's work and a tent revival thing,... Well, you get the hint BOOKED. So I'm just trying to figure out when to have Nyla and Shari over. Clearly it won't be on the same day, but they're both family and they both need to see the house. Maybe Saturday, idk, I don't even know if we have plans on Saturday. Lol.

Speaking of which I'm going to get off here. I have to go put some things in my calendar and go shopping! (Ode To Joy)

Have a FABULOUS day everyone! God Bless.

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