Tuesday, August 30, 2011


For over a year I've been the dishwasher. We had a dishwasher at the apartment, but our house didn't have one and from the looks of it, it never has. But after bugging Miles over and over again and other people even saying we needed a dishwasher we finally bought one :) Unfortunately we can't use it yet because we have to get all the stuff setup. Also there's a door in our kitchen that leads to a 1/2 bath that we are going to have moved (for more room in the kitchen and so people don't have to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom) The door once moved will be in the dining room. Our dining room is big enough that the door won't hinder anything, plus it gives me an excuse to move the big, ugly cabinet that's holding 90% of our movies and hopefully buy (or build) something better. 

Our dishwasher is black, stainless steel racks, pull handle, the 'hidden' buttons on the top, KitchenAid :), under the counter(which of course means we get some more counters!), etc. and even better it was on sale! I love a good sale! Whenever we get all this wall stuff, the counter, and etc. done then I'll post pictures. Don't know how long it will take (our go to guy, my brother, is pretty busy), but it will all be worth it once it's done! 

This is one of the walls in our kitchen. To the left of the stove is where you enter from the Dining room, to the right of the stove is the 1/2 Bath, and that open door to the left of the 1/2 Bath door is to the Laundry room. So picture the door gone and the dishwasher where it's sitting, the cabinet above the stove lifted, and our microwave between the stove and the cabinet. Also there will be a counter over the dishwasher and another like 1 ft. or so of counter towards the laundry room. More counter space is always a plus!

   Whelp, I can't wait until my kitchen starts looking more like I want. Hopefully one day my ideas will help you to create a look for your kitchen (and hopefully all my other house ideas will help too)

Have a great day!

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