Saturday, August 6, 2011

Today's Outline

Okay, just in case you were wondering he (my husband) was not upset with me for going to Chinese, just busy :)

Today has been a busy day. Miles went to work and got back home before I even got up (he went in at 6a.m. and got home at like 9a.m.) he brought me McDonalds breakfast in bed :), then we cleaned, he change our 2 pronged receptacles to 3 pronged, went out to eat with my parents at Pepe's, took me to work, worked duh right?, went to Goodwill, found 2 skirts, a dress, and a shirt and an incredible deal on a blueray player, came home, in-laws came over, went to Subway, brought our food back home, watched Rio, watched Soul Surfer (by the way Rio is cute and funny and Soul Surfer is a must see!), in-laws left, and now here I am....

Had a pretty good day. Did my hair in a do I used to do and it turned out AMAZING! Looked FABULOUS :) Love when that happens!

Whelp, time to think about what I'm going to wear tomorrow... So away from Blogger, Facebook, etc... I go. Have a great, safe, peaceful night!

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