Monday, August 8, 2011

... A Very Long Post

Exercise *check*
 Yep that's right exercise! I have a checklist of things that I want to be done before I have a baby and losing weight is one of them. So I'm trying to exercise everyday. :)

I'm getting ready to go to work... fun, right? I guess having a job like mine could be fun. I can talk on the phone and once the shelf is stocked I leave. It's not hard so, yeah, guess that makes it kind of fun. When people get in my way it gets a little annoying and I tend to want to slap people for having NO respect for me or the other workers.

....(time passing)

I went to work. You know how I was talking about those people I want to slap, yeah, I ran into some of those today, but besides that work was fine. Took me about 30 minutes to stock the bread and now I'm back home, clearly.

I haven't heard anything from my hubby since his lunch, but he said at first break and at lunch that today has been a very busy day, so he's probably just worked through breaks. I'm guessing I won't get a text until he's heading to the car, which give me 30 minutes to talk him into using these coupons for Long John Silvers today before they expire, which if you didn't get the hint they are expiring today.

I was wrong! Hubby just text me and he's cleaning up and getting ready to come home! Yay! And I think we might be using those coupons... maybe.

Wow.. So I'm watching the news and someone went into this neighborhood and started looking for unlocked car doors and rolled down windows, opened those vehicles, and stole anything important. AND a police officer was found going 100 mph in a 55 mpr with no lights/siren on and so far nothing can be done about it. That's pathetic. You're a cop uphold the law!

I don't know why, but I keep turning down the air conditioning and I turned off the fan in the living room, but I'm still cold. It's 73 or 74 degrees, which would normally be to hot for me (Miles has ruined me lol) ... Okay so I have now turned the air to 78 (which our temp reader is broken so it's really 75) I'm under a blanket so it's feeling better, but we'll see how I feel when I have to get out from under my blanket...

SO I posted on Facebook my new addition to the living room, but I don't believe it was posted on here so I'll upload a photo :) It may take a while so... I'll post it when it finally uploads.

Last name Gibbs for our Living Room wall. It swoops :)

More news the temperature is supposed to drop to fall like weather tomorrow, but you know that there's a 50/50 chance so we shall see. Here's hoping!

Haha.. so I just got a helper for painting :) If I need it that is!! Gotta love my bowling our bowling buddy Holly :) Which I have 2 rooms that are needing painted (for my checklist/Living Room & Will-Be Kid's Room)

Also on my checklist is to make sure that I can be faithful in taking the Prenatals which I have been taking faithfully since the 1st so for me I'm doing fabulous!  (I want to wait 3 months just to make sure I've taken them faithfully since they're SO fabulous for babies) P.S. Not to say that we will be trying after that 3 months! But if we do then I'll have been on them for the 3 months at least.

Looks like Long Johns is a yes from the hubby so whenever he gets home then we can go get that or at least I think that's what the plan is.

Tomorrow I'll be (hopefully) riding into Lafayette with my hubby. He'll be going to work and I'll be chilling at McDonalds, the car, Barns and Noble, the mall,... etc. That way I get to chill with my hubby on his breaks. And I'll get to see Holly and Lupe aka our bowling buddies. It'll be nice to just hang out. I'll be able to read, chill on the laptop, hang out with friends, ... etc. I'll just have to get my clothes picked out tonight and get all the things I need out. Like, oh say, my trusty laptop :)

Away I go now :) Have a fabulous rest of the day!

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