Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bones (as in the TV series)

Have you ever heard of Bones? Do you watch it? I do (Obviously) and I love it!

If you've never heard of Bones it's basically a crime, suspense, thriller, etc. You have Dr. Temperance Brennan (not a Dr. as in E.R., but Dr. as in Anthropologist) her nickname is Bones, due to her line of work. If you don't know what Anthropologist do they work with bones. Basically she looks at the bones discovers the cause of death, tries to identify the weapon used, figures out who's bones they are, etc. 
She works side-by-side with Agent Seeley (Sp?) Booth who works for the F.B.I., which is by the way the person that gave her the nickname Bones. She hated it at first, but doesn't really complain about it anymore.  
Together they question the victims, friends/family, and of course the bad guys. They go to the crime scene, collect evidence, dig up the body(s) (Sometimes), etc. 
Dr. Temperance Brennan also has her trusty team to help them out. 
Angela Montinegro (Sp?) being one of my favorites is an artist, she basically, besides being the best friend with good advice, she takes the skull and places the markers where they need to be on the face, then draws up what the person looked like before death. 
Dr. Jack Hodgins (Sorry if it's spelled wrong) works with evidence such as bugs, slime, and particulates. 
There are quite a few interns. Each having a different personality that just gives the already great series something more. 
There are lots of other great, funny, and colorful people that help, but I just don't have the time to go through them all right now. 

Point being I think if people would give Bones a chance they would really learn to love it. So if you haven't ever watched Bones look it up on Netflix or tune your DVR to record them. 
Another wonderful thing is they use all these big, scientific words and tell you about certain bones, etc. So you get to learn while you watch.
I wouldn't suggest it for younger children due to the occasional language and the also occasion sexual content.

The other point being is that October 11, 2011 Bones: The Complete Season 6 came out on DVD and I want it! Now I know my husband is going to get it for me, but money has other places it needs to be going at the moment, but I REALLY can't wait to see these new episodes and now that we have cable (Or is it satellite? Whichever.), PLUS the DVR, I'll be able to watch the whole season 7 on Fox (premiers Nov. 3) of course I will also be buying it when it comes out on DVD. Have to own them all, which I have 1-5 already. Lol. 

Whelp, I think it's time for me to shut up. Hope you have a good night or day, depending on when you are reading this. God Bless. 

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