Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Just Not That Bad Compared To The Alternative

I know that some women love being pregnant. I on the other hand do not. I keep think about how bad being pregnant is and how much I just can't wait until September so that the being pregnant part can be over and the new chapter of our lives can begin. But I know of a family who have lost 3 grandparents in 6 months and it really makes me understand that my being pregnant even with the ups, downs, nausea, throwing up, lack of appetite, etc. that none of that is as bad as dealing with death. So I'm thankful for all of the horrible things that come along with pregnancy because at least I'm still alive.

I've very sorry for the loss that they're dealing with today and for all the previous losses. I can't say that I know how they feel because I don't, but I'm sure one day I will and I'll be praying for them during their time of need as I hope they will be doing for me in mine when the time comes.

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