Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pretty Good 22nd Birthday

Let's face it birthdays never go as planned. Something will always happen to ruin a bit of your day. And so I had some parts of my day that didn't live up to what I would have hoped they would, but over all I had a good birthday. 

I spent the day with my hubby and with some of my family. We ate tacos, hang out and talked, sat outside in the nice weather for a little while. It was nice. I received a few cards and a few lovely gifts. One of those gifts being a lovely journal that I'm so afraid to write in because I just know it won't be as pretty with my hand writing in it, but I'll use it anyways. 

My hubby got me The Sims 3 Pets :) , The Little Mermaid on DVD, Bebe Sounds (a sort of doppler) and a seat back cover w/ a pouch (for when the baby comes). I didn't really want a whole lot, most things I found myself wanting was for the baby, but since I don't know the sex of the baby I can't just go crazy buying baby stuff. 

Well, I think I'll see if it's ok with my hubby if I play my new game for the first time! :) 

Have a great night, everyone! 


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