Monday, March 12, 2012

You Compliment Me, But What You Don't Know Is I Didn't Do It For You

I was on Facebook and as usual I went scrolling through the many posts of my friend's. Well one friend had posted "The only person you need to prove anything to is yourself" And it really made me think. 

I have always tried to do things to please other people and almost have never received the reaction or appreciation that I believe I deserved. It has always seemed that no matter what I do it's never enough. So today I decided I would clean up the living room, but I wasn't doing it for my husband, I did it for me. 

So he came home and I got a compliment, but right after the compliment there was a normal not good enough comment. Now no, he would never say bluntly that it wasn't good enough, but unknowingly he's saying it by saying, "Thanks for cleaning up. Now if only you'd clean and cook."  See the cleaning was't enough, there had to be something else added on. It shouldn't be that way. 

I'd like to just get a compliment no but's or if only's, just a thanks and leave it at that. I know I'm not where I should be in my "wife duties", but at least I did something. At least I didn't just sit on my butt all day playing video games, watching tv, or even worse cheating on him (which I would NEVER do!) I just feel that people don't appreciate things enough. Why does there always have to be more? Appreciate what you've got and what you've been given.  

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