Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Christian Mama's Guide To Having A Baby

I had never heard of this book until my step-mom sent me a link on Facebook. She said that it was free on the Kindle for that one day. So of course I got it. And I'm so glad that I did!

Erin MacPherson did a fabulous job writing this book. It's informative for first time moms, it's funny, it's honest, it talks about things (like sex) that most women would not feel free to discuss, and it involves God into your pregnancy. Which after all he did bless you with this baby so why shouldn't he be apart of your pregnancy?

I laughed so much! My husband probably thought I was insane at times, but of course then he noticed me holding my Kindle and that explained it all.

I've read so much on Pregnancy and thought that I pretty much knew everything there was to know, but after reading this book I still learned more. I learned that if you have/have to have a c-section that the Dr. will warn you that you may have 10 seconds where you won't be able to breathe (scary right?) But what it is, is when they take the baby out of you it may kick you in the lungs one last time as it's leaving your belly. So in other words you get the wind knocked out of you. Interesting, huh? And there were also plenty of other neat tid bits.

As I was already fully aware God is very important in everyday life and that includes your pregnancy. But I learned of helpful scriptures during the pregnancy and ideas on ways to make sure that God is a part of your pregnancy.

And the all time favorite, sex. Where you will learn some tips for sex while being pregnant. After all it's going to be a little difficult to do all the normal positions when your belly is the size of a watermelon.

There was also a chapter or two made for the guys where Erin talked to some Fathers and put what they had to say on certain subjects. Btw if you're pregnant and feeling nauseous I'd skip out on the guy that was talking about some of the foods his wife was craving. I wasn't nauseous in the beginning, but after reading what she craved I was! Lol.

There are many other topics that I could have talked about that the book had, but I'll just let you read it for yourself. Trust me you won't regret it!

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