Thursday, April 26, 2012


Seriously whoever came up with the idea to have taxes was a flipping idiot!

Take us for example we don't make a lot of money, but my husband makes more than he has before. So what did they do? The put us in a higher tax bracket which totally screwed us over. Us making more money should be a good thing, something to celebrate, but no taxes think they need to take more out from us just because we're making more. That's a bunch of crap! So we had to pay taxes and now we're trying to get back on track and nothing seems to be working. So we have the beginning of the month coming up which means all of our bills are due and we also have to renew our stupid license plates (which shouldn't have to be done, esp not yearly!)

Now we're having a kid, which sure we'll get more money back because of a kid, but who's to say that they won't have us pay next year too?

Seriously we'd all be better off if you'd just get rid of taxes. Why should I be taxed for a school that (a.) my kid doesn't go to and esp (b.) I currently don't have any kids! THAT'S RETARDED! And btw my kid(s) will not be going to that school, but you'll still tax me on it. LAME! And if you need a road fixed have people donate money ever think of that wise one? Instead you're taking out money all the time from our pay checks and wasting it. How about we just take your whole check and put it in? Oh and the president's check and all of congress' checks and we'll split those between the 50 states.. I think that'd make up for everyone else's money right there.

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