Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dr. Appointment

Tomorrow I have an appointment. It will be a regular check up + the 1 hour testing. I'm really hoping that the "drink" doesn't make me sick, that I can get it all down in time, and that it doesn't make me feel sick the rest of the day like I've heard it does to some women.
On the plus side my mom is taking me so if I do feel sick I won't be driving and I won't have to be there for an hour alone and bored.
I'm unsure, but since they will call this my 28 week check up (even though I won't really be 28 weeks until Saturday) if they'll be... I'll just say "checking me" again or not? I know 28 weeks starts the 3rd trimester so I assume they would just to see where I am?
I'm also unsure, but I think that my Dr.'s Appointments will be coming more frequently here soon?

Any answers would be appreciated :)

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