Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunday Night Youth Service.. WOW

Sunday night the church held a Youth Service, which of course, the whole church was invited to attend. Let me tell you if you missed it you sure missed out. I wish they would have done a Live Stream of the service so I could give you a link to check it out, but they didn't *sad face*

Our preacher for the evening was Gentry, one of our youth and the Pastor's son. He did a fabulous job and I'm so proud of him for letting God use him! And amazingly he said he only found out he was preaching right after Sunday morning service. Talk about some fast preparing! I would have guessed that he'd spent much more time preparing.

Some of the youth did a drama, a very powerful drama. If I knew the name of it I would tell you to look it up on Youtube (lots of people have done this drama) It wasn't a sign language drama or a skit it was one of those dramas with a song and they kind of act it out. Well, it had me in tears.. and I'd seen it done before. Lol.

The youth joined our normal choir for the singing. They had a Praise Team. Etc. Once again wonderful.

I was so very blessed to have the opportunity to be in that service. I hope the service blessed others as much (or more even) than it blessed me. Hopefully we all took parts from it that we will use throughout the rest of our lives.

One of my favorite things of the service, of the preaching at least, was when Gentry talked about Moses and how he told Pharaoh to let his people go and he said God doesn't have to say let my people go God says, "Satan, they're already free!" That was just so powerful. He actually said many things that I'd heard before, but the way he said it just was so much more powerful than what I'd heard before. I was definitely taking notes. I would share some of those, but I'm sitting in the dark and my notes are in my purse, which is across the room. Lazy, yes, I know. (But that's a perk of being pregnant LOL)

I hope that our youth will continue to reach out to the lost souls in their schools, towns, and families even when the adults aren't being the best of role models. Not that I'm giving us adults a right to not be good role models, but I want the youth to know that even when we aren't doing our part that they should. Just remember you're not only the role models for the people your age, but you're going to be the role models of my child and of all the other children. Please be a good role model for my child and your peers. People may make fun of you, but let me tell you a secret.... Deep down inside they respect you and possibly even envy you. Unfortunately it's not until you fall that they tell you how much your standing up for your beliefs really meant to them.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for my family and CLC. I expect great things, after all we serve a great God.

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