Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pregnant Forever! (Vent)

I'm starting to feel as if I'll be pregnant forever! I've ate hot (spicy) food (not necessarily to try to go into labor, but because it sounded good) and nothing happened.. not even a few contractions. I've taken a long walk, nada. I've done some squats, still nothing.
I keep waking up every morning more sore than the previous morning, but still no baby! My pelvic bones have been sore, popping, and just moving around. My stomach feels different. I've had signs of labor coming soon, but no still no baby!
All I want to do is have my baby so I can meet him, start getting back to me again, and learn what my new routine will be like! Is this really to much to ask for?
And yes, I know my Dr. said that if I'm still pregnant by my 40 week Dr.'s visit than we'll set up a day to induce, but 41 weeks is way to long to carry a baby, in my opinion. Personally if it was me I'd say, "If you're still pregnant at your 39 week Dr.'s visit then we'll set up a date."
I know she's the Dr., she's done all the schooling, deals with multiple pregnant women daily, and has delivered many babies so she knows WAY more than me, but I'm just so ready to not be me+1 anymore. I want to be just me, me carrying a baby, in my arms and not my stomach!
We've tried talking to Seth hoping that maybe our pleas would make him want to come out and meet us, but he's decided to be stubborn and stay put. I've been praying and praying that God would make him come out already and so far the answer has been no, obviously since there's still no baby.
I know people say, "Oh, the baby will come when it's ready" But lets face it people I'm ready!, I'm sure by now he's "baked", and if he doesn't come out soon I'm going to start falling apart, mentally and physically.

My body is so sore at points in the day that I just want to cry! I've never had such bad neck and back pains in my life + the pelvic pain, OMW! I can't bend over without feeling like I'm about to break, as if bending over wasn't hard enough as is with this huge stomach! And Seth has decided that it'd be fun to take basically all of mommy's calcium! My wrists hurt so bad! One of them is so bad that if I don't sleep with a brace on it I'll wake up feeling like there's a bone out of place. Talk about uncomfortable! I've been getting headaches, swelling again, heartburn (not as bad as the horror stories I've heard though), and these weird discomfort spots on my stomach.
It's only 12:39p.m. and I feel like I need to go take a nap. I've only been up since 8:30a.m. I should not need a nap already. And yes, I know, pregnancy is exhausting, you're growing another person, etc.
Oh, and the thing I hear the most and that I'm the most sick of hearing, "Get plenty of sleep (rest), you're going to need it!" As if I didn't know this already. 1.) I'm going to be popping a baby out of me, that's pretty hard work epidural or no epidural. 2.) After popping out this baby I'm going to be dealing with a ton of people coming to see me.. ok, so they'll really be there for the baby, but that's kind of depressing so I'll say they're there to see us both. Dealing with a lot of people, coming in and out is tiring. 3.) Even when I finally get to come home I'll then be taking care of a newborn. 4.) Breastfeeding at all hours of the day and night 5.) Diaper changing at all hours 6.) Trying to get baby back to sleep.   Yeah, this list could go on forever, so I'll just stop there.
I'm SOOOOO glad that my hubby is going to be taking off 2 weeks from work to help me out. I'm very thankful that God has provided him with a job where he can do that and that He's provided us with enough financial security that we'll be able to go without him getting paid for the 2 weeks. It'll be a tight squeeze financially especially since I'm not getting paid either, but I know that God will provide.
Well, away I go.. off to do some more squats, drink more water, and pray that a.) my water breaks or b.) I start getting some heavy contractions (or hidden answer C.) all the above) And if the answer to my prayer is still no, then I'll probably be taking a nap.
Have a great day! Sorry for the venting!

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