Monday, October 8, 2012

What's His Name?

You get pregnant or you're dreaming of your future children, you spend hours and hours looking up names to find the perfect one. You talk to your belly calling your child their name and then they get here and suddenly you can't remember their name. ... Yep, that's right, all that time spent finding the name and using it while baby is in the womb and now they're out and you can't remember it. And guess what, that's normal! 

I felt SO bad because here we spent all this time picking out Seth's name, we called him Seth while he was still in the womb, and suddenly he got here and all I could seem to call him was Buddy. I don't even like when people call their sons Buddy, yet here I was doing just that. So I asked my mom if she ever had problems calling her kids their names and she said yes! That it was perfectly normal! I couldn't believe it. Parents always seem to call out their kid's names with ease and now I hear that it's normal to forget/have problems calling them by their name! 

Well, at least it made me feel better. Here I thought I was some horrible person unable to remember my own son's name. So if you have problems remembering/calling your child by their name, you aren't alone! Don't feel bad! Eventually we'll be able to call out their name with no issues just like the rest of the parents. Lol.   

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