Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Facebook Fast

I've seen so many people do Facebook fasts some for a few days, some a week, and some even longer. I've never really done a Facebook fast, but I believe that it is a very good idea. 

I decided yesterday ( after having already been on Facebook) that I wanted to do my own Facebook fast. So most of yesterday and so far all of today I've stayed off Facebook. If it says I'm online it's because I have Facebook messenger and it seems to leave me on there. 

I knew it would be difficult to do a Facebook fast, but I didn't realize just how difficult. I've caught myself going to open the app on my phone when I was bored and of course stopped myself. I must get on Facebook a lot because I know I'm bored a lot and it's my go to. 

Today I found myself bored and though I wanted to get on Facebook I decided to read this book I've been reading called The Prayers of Jabez (the for teens version) by Bruce Wilkinson. It's 104pgs plus a study chapter and it's a really good read, I totally would suggest this book. I finished that and I have other books that I haven't finished that are by Ted Dekker, a Christian author, so I'll be using my fasting time to read those. I'm excited! 

I haven't really finished a book since I had Seth. So I was very excited to finish even a teens book. Hey you've gotta start somewhere. 

Between reading, blogging, taking care of Seth, and being on our 24 hour prayer chain I should be able to keep myself busy enough to refrain from getting on Facebook. 

Now to clean up a little while Seth naps :)

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