Saturday, February 22, 2014

Plans Done!

I have some awesome plans for my house! The plans are for the living room and the dining room. They consist of a new sofa, bookshelves, rearranging, wainscot, changing out some fabric, painting the walls, throw pillows, painting some existing furniture, some cute decor, owls, tealish/aqua color, and some paintings! Oh and the hardest part... Me making a seat!! I've never made anything like this and I cannot wait to try. 

For now I'm stuck. To many bills and not enough money for extra things like home improvements. But the designs are wrote down, fabrics picked out, colors picked out, just need to buy everything! 

I should start a fund! 
  Christine's Home Improvement Fund! 
Think anyone would donate? Yeah, me neither. Everyone is pretty broke :/

Guess while I wait I can start on kitchen plans...

Well I can't wait to do some before pictures and, of course, after pictures! 

Have a great night! 

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