Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Addition!

No we aren't building on to our house!

And no I'm not pregnant! 

We got a new fur baby! 
This is Charlie! He's a sweetie! Loves to lay with us, isn't afraid of Seth, likes to play and give love bites, purrs when you enter the room, he's great! 
He's a little sore right now because he got fixed and fully declawed, but he's doing well and hopefully he'll be all healed up soon! 
Charlie is 6 months, so he's still technically a kitten :) I'm so glad we got him, he seems to be a great fit for, at least our human, family. 
What cat?! There's no cat here! lol 

I'm sure they'll all learn to get along, given enough time. Charlie's fine with them, they on the other hand are not so sure about this addition to the family.

Isn't he a cutie?! 

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