Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Focus, Focus

I like many have a hard time staying focused. Doesn't matter what it is. Exercise, church, dieting, prayer, schoolwork,  etc. Even with friends. 

I want to diet. Why? because I want to lose weight. But I, like everyone else, get so focused on the what I want now... For me the Hunan Chicken & Pork Fried Rice or maybe that Big Mac w/ a LG fry. So what happens? Open mouth insert.. Food, bad food. 

I want to go to church. Why? To draw closer to God. But I, like everyone else, have 50 billion things that are non church related running through my head. Sometimes it's "I'm hungry. What to eat" or maybe it's "Wow, I'm in a room full of people, but I feel so alone" So what happens? I spend the service thinking about the 50 billion things and not getting what I came for. 

Exercise, prayer, schoolwork (when I had it), friendships, etc. it all works the same way. So I lose focus of the goal, of the plan, of the reason and I end up stuck right where I am, like so many others. We are alone, fat, sad, depressed, in a bad place, longing for more, or whatever the thing may be.
 Why must it be so hard to keep focus? How can we keep focus? Esp those of us a bit more... Shall we be honest? Lazy people.
 I'm not into waiting, planning things out, see how it goes, see what happens type of person. 
Did I post this to get answers? No. Did I post it to give answers? No. Did I post it for sympathy? Haha no, no, no! I simply posted it to say you aren't alone. 

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