Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Name One Thing You Can't Live Without

I saw a post on Facebook that said Name One Thing You Can't Live Without. Well first thing that came to mind was "Duh, Jesus", but them I remembered it said thing and He's a person. Then I thought "Oh I know! Love!", but I wouldn't really call that a thing either, more a feeling.

When I think of a "thing" I think of a cell phone, microwave, chair, lamp, door, etc... something that you can touch, but that isn't living.

Once I realized what I think of when I think of a thing I remember a skit done by a friend and some others that was about needs. In the skit they went through and said things like "I need a radio", "I need a bed" I need this and I need that" in the end they pointed out that a need is something that you CAN'T live without.

Let's be honest there aren't many things that we CAN'T live without. We may not want to live without some things like a cell phone, laptop, bed, house, books, etc. But we can live without all those things.

Now we can't live without food, water, and air. Air kind of goes against my being able to feel a thing, but it's definitely a must.

But let's be honest the only "thing" (not really a thing) that we can't live without is God. Why? Because He created us and food, water, and air.. and everything else. Without Him we wouldn't exist.  

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