Monday, May 6, 2013

You Move Me!

How many of you like to move? Yeah, didn't think there would be very many of you. Seriously who likes to pack up all their stuff and then try to figure out where to put it in a new place. I didn't even know for sure where I wanted most of the stuff in our current home. But I guess it's better to move now when I don't know where I want stuff then to move later once I know where everything should be. Lol.

Moving is so stressful. Oh to add to the stress of moving one of the guys that we thought would be able to help us will be out of town for a wedding (Not his fault.. I blame the Bride! Haha JUST KIDDING). Bills still have to be paid. Yards have to be mowed (I like mowing so not a big issue besides the times I don't have someone to watch Seth). And all the other fabulous issues that I won't go into. I can't wait to get settled in!

So who wants to move all my stuff for me? Lol.