Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Days...

Today, since it's Graduation Day for people I went to school with I find myself remembering back when I was in school. Anyone who knows me knows I have always hated school. I wasn't popular and honestly you don't need even half of what they teach you. The only thing that kept me sane my last few years of school (before I dropped out) was the friends that I had there. I didn't have a big group of friends it was basically 3 people. We of course all hated school, we had detention together,... yada, yada... That was the fun parts of school. It was nice to know that I wasn't the only person who wasn't book smart in my school. No, I'm not saying that my friends and I were stupid, we each had smarts about other things, things that might actually apply to life, things that could lead to jobs. Construction, Horse Training, probably some cars in there somewhere,....

 I don't really remember a whole lot of it, bits and pieces will every once in a while come back and I'll just sit and think about it. Not all the memories are good, some are bad, but that's just the way it is. I remember my crushes, my boyfriends, the heartache of getting dumped, feeling sorry for the guys that I dumped, friends moving away, making new friends, trying as hard as I could to stay away from the annoying kids, I remember what it felt like to fail a test, but I also remember what it felt like to get a 100 :), I remember my friend having a pregnancy scare, I remember being cheated on, long distance relationships and trying to be in school (difficult task), I remember me and a friend switching crushes back and forth :P, I remember wearing my crushes watch and sweaters and how awesome it made me feel to have something of theirs, I remember falling asleep with a reading book propped up so it'd look like I was reading, I remember saying all three pledges (American Flag, Christian Flag, and The Bible), I remember feeling alone in a room full of students, loosing friends (to not getting along),.... School was crazy, but the last few years, I definitely had some good experiences. To bad I made the teachers want to pull their hair out.

To The Teachers,
I know you all knew this, but yes I could have done better in school, had I been interested in it. I had a few teachers I really enjoyed (out of the ones who were actually around a lot) I would have to say that I enjoyed school when Robert and Carrie Carter were there and also having Travis and Jody Johnson there. Those were definitely my most enjoyable years.

Oops this was supposed to be posted yesterday.. oh well, just a day late....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Congrats Class Of 2011

Today is graduation day for many people I know and I am excited for them! Graduating isn't easy, or at least getting to Graduation Day isn't. It's stressful and often times you want to give up. I'm so glad that those of you who are graduating didn't give up, like I did. Graduating is truly a huge milestone! I look back now and see that I missed out. Yes, I have my G.E.D., but it really isn't the same. I didn't have to put all my time and energy into it, but you did and guess what, you made it! I'm very proud of you all and you should be proud of yourselves too! I hope none of you fall when you walk up to receive your diplomas and I hope that you have a fabulous day. Cherish today! Why? Because today you officially accomplished something huge!


Friday, May 27, 2011

One Night Camp Out, Good. Two Nights, Not So Much...

Confused? Yeah, I figured you would be.

Miles and I slept downstairs one night because of the horrible storms that were supposed to be happening all night, well they didn't happen, not here at least. Shockingly we woke up the next morning and we weren't tired or sore like we thought we were going to be. Of course we had like 3 comforters spread out on the floor and a couple of sleeping bags as well so that helped a little.

The next day the comforters were still in the living room and I got tired so I just curled up and fell asleep. Miles had asked if we were going to sleep on the floor again and I sleepily said that I didn't care, but I fell asleep like I often to when he is playing video games or we're watching a movie, of course I'm normally on the loveseat. I guess needless to say we slept downstairs again and I didn't sleep well like the first night, I woke up tired and very sore. I also woke up missing our bed very, very much!

I didn't feel good this morning so I didn't go work at the motel, but I had to work twice for Lewis Bakery. Luckily I was feeling better after sleeping for a few more hours, I called in and went right back to bed. Had a few hours to do whatever until I had to do the bread job once I woke up, so I played a little bit on the Xbox and watched a little on Netflix, went to work around 2:50, came back home, watched Miles play a game on the Xbox, then went back to work around 5:20, came back home,... Yeah, kinda a boring day.

Hope you're having a great day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did you ever wish you could sometimes freeze frame a moment in your day, look at it and say "this is not my life"? -Mrs. Doubtfire

Let's see what all has happened today?
Well, I woke up around 8:30a.m., got up, got ready for work, went to work which shockingly almost took an hour to fill the bread (it's normally only about 30 min), came home, watered the plants, played Fallout: New Vegas...

My bread company has this thing near the bigger holidays where they start giving people more bread shifts to keep the shelves stocked. Well, since this is a 'holiday week' where people buy a lot of bread I'll be going into work 2 times almost every day, which makes for a good paycheck (Well, good for the money I make and the hours that are put in) So any of you that shop at Wal-mart will see me a lot this week.

I was having a pretty good day today, well, maybe good isn't the right word, you know it wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. So for me that's pretty great. Lol. But of course just like pretty much every day I'm having a  day like this or better someone decided to say something that put me in a bad mood. Sing it with me now ♫Story of my life, story of my life....♫ Good thing is, I'm sure I'll get over it, especially since I ranted already and now I'm blogging again :)

I hope you're all having a good day! God Bless.

I Rant...

Yep, that's right I RANT. I use my Blogger to tell about my life and I post most of my blogging's onto my Facebook for those that care to read. That means the good, the bad, and the flat out ugly can be seen by anyone who cares.

I know some people find ranting immature, but lets be honest, it's much better to get all your anger out in a blog, diary, to friends, family.. yada, yada... rather than to just keep it all bundled up inside. Just ask a psychiatrist after all they get paid to listen to all your ramblings then they try to help you find a solution that would help with your situation. Well, I've never been to one, but I know what helps me and this is it.

I try not to rant to much, especially about people and the stupid things that they do, but after so long something just has to be said. And me saying it on here is better than me going up to the person and yelling at them, right? Yeah, thought so. You'll find most of the time I just ramble of some of the things that are going on in my life, which can as well be good, bad, or ugly.

I never started this blog specifically for people to read, but I do allow that to be an option in case people are interested in my life. So that means read it if you'd like or don't. And if you don't like what I have to say then that's fine, you have the option not to read, you're free to your opinion. But I will tell you that just because I do something that you wouldn't do or something you may not agree with doesn't make it immature. Every person is different (as I've said before). Yeah, if I was on here ranting about something for attention that'd be immature, but I don't need attention. I've never been one of the popular girls who loved to be the center of attention and always had to have the spotlight. I feel much more free with my words on computer and letters, that's why I say so much on here and so little in person.

And you should all know that I care about people, sure just like everyone in the world I have those people where I say, "I love their souls and God save em, but please keep them away from me." We're humans, sometimes we just don't like certain people. Am I trying to say I'm better than them, no. I'm not the greatest person, I'm not the best daughter, the best friend, the best neighbor, or the best anything. I'm just me. And that can either be good enough or not.

If I offend you then you have my permission to start up your own blog and rant about what I said that upset you, that's your right. You'd do it even if I didn't give you the permission anyways, right? Yep.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UGH! Neighbors!

So my "new" neighbors are building a storage barn or something like that in front of our garage, our land is laid out very weirdly. Our garage looks like it would be apart of their yard (Yes, they know it is our garage though)

But anyways they came over to my house and asked about some of my house wires that are in their way, no big deal they just hang low so they just need pulled up so they can finish their... whatever they're building, BUT the real problem is since our yards are set up differently I'm not sure of where our boundaries are. Well, when the neighbor had come over about the wires I had curiously asked if they had their land professionally surveyed, since I had been told by my step-dad that in order for us to put up a fence that we would have to have that done just to be safe. So the neighbor lady didn't know so she called her husband over who said they hadn't. So I informed them of what my step-dad had told me and it looked like they were going to stop building. They had torn down the frame they'd set-up, but today, which is probably about a week after telling them this, I wake up to someone hammering... the frame was once again up and the builder is still out there.

Now I'm all for building things, AS LONG as you know that it's on your property!

We had already had a problem with this couple where they were mowing part of our yard, which was dealt with when they came over about the cord. So I'm not really liking them at this moment. They're building this thing like 1 or 2 feet in front of our garage, which I would think would still be on our property so I finally called today and asked for an estimated price to get the land professionally surveyed (our property of course not theirs) Which they, the neighbors, should have had done before they started building anything.

We would have eventually had to get this, the surveying, done anyways for a fence, but now we're going to have to use our money to have this done now and then if we find out that their stuff is on our property we'll have to tell them to move it.

Now I would like to have neighbors that I could get along with, but they're making this very, very hard. They keep trying to take over. And if this leads to us having to go to court you better believe I'll do it, but I'll be ticked!

I can't believe that I could tell them what is necessary for them to do and that they would still not do it, sure I'm young, maybe they think I don't know what I'm talking about, but I'm not stupid, I have been around my step-dad for all but 3 years of my life who deals with this stuff a lot, so I know things. Plus you'd think common sense would tell you to make sure the land is your before you build something on it.

One of the other neighbors for some reason thought that a chunk of our property was the new neighbors and so the new neighbors just took their word..... UGH! All this annoyance is giving me a headache!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13th

I LOVE the days that others call "unlucky". I tend to be in a great mood and have wonderful days on these unlucky days. :) I love the number 13! It's one of my favorite numbers and also a lucky number of mine.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


When is the right time to return to "normal" when you know some family will never be the same again. I mean really who told you it was okay for the world to go on like normal?

The Bible says to weep with them that weep and to rejoice with those that rejoice. But how is it okay to rejoice when someone else is weeping? Isn't that like tearing yourself in half?

I feel torn and so broken. You'll have to let me explain...

First off let me state that many people would say that someone isn't really their friend because they don't hang out with them. Well, let me tell you something, that is wrong.

A real friend has nothing to do with how much you hang out.

A real friend is the person you can call in the middle of the night when you don't know how you're going to make it through a situation, a real friend is someone who cares about you, who wants good things for your life, a real friend is someone who will stop what they're doing and pray for you when you're in need, a real friend is someone who loves you despite your faults,....

Now to why I'm so torn/broken.

When I know someone that has died and I care for them and consider them a friend and I know their family and their closer friends and I see all these people hurting because of a loss in their lives... there are no other words that I could use to describe it other than, it breaks me. I can't even really describe what I mean by it breaks me, but that's what it does. Yes, it breaks my heart, but... it feels like it goes further than just my heart, it breaks every part of me.

I just needed to share that...

HE's still God! HE's still able! HE's still a healer! HE's still a miracle worker! HE's still everything to me!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It Started Like Any Normal Day..

Today is a day to prove just how quickly things can change.

Today started like any normal day, for some of us that meant getting up, taking a shower, going to work,... or maybe getting up, grabbing a bowl of cereal, and watching cartoons. What was done isn't the point. The point is it was normal to us, we didn't expect anything bad to happen, but it did. It doesn't take long for one accident to change your whole life forever.

Today a very special and dear family to me (and many others) lost a loved one, his name was Chase. He fell asleep at the wheel and he wasn't wearing his seat belt. When he crashed he went through the windshield. (If any of this is wrong let me know and I will fix it)

He was a talented, young man of God. He touched many through his songs and his words. He was a friend to many and he will be very missed by those of us who knew him.

RIP Chase, we will see you again in Heaven.

Please pray for this family in their time of loss.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Internet Is As Bad As Television

Let me ask you a question. Do you remember when it was safe to turn on your television and get online and not have to worry about seeing half dressed people, nudity, and porn? I know when I was a kid it definitely wasn't as bad as it is today. It was still worse than it should have been back then. And let me tell you there's no reason that all this JUNK should be found on our computers, televisions, magazines,...etc!

And here's another question. Why should we have to be scared of our spouses, children, or whomever else might be on our computer or watching out television running into and/or looking at porn or nudity in general? It should NEVER be able to be found by anyone on purpose or by mistake!

Why must we always be so scared that our spouses are going to cheat on us? Answer: Because of all the sex that is 'in the air.' People talk about it at work, in movies, in songs, on the television (even the commercials!), on the internet, in magazines,....etc. Eventually they hear so much about it and see other men and woman (esp the half dressed ones) and the person they have at home no longer becomes good enough. They decide they need to 'experience' more from multiple partners. Well, that's just stupid! The person sitting at home can give you the same thing the person in the bar can, as long as you're not asking for something ungodly!

Want to know the answer? Because some disgusting people decided selling porn and nudity would be a great way of making money. They knew that the more a person saw it the more they would want and once they went through all the free stuff, paying for more would be their only option. I'm not saying greed was the only reason it ended up there, but it sure was one reason.

You know what's funny about this 'experiencing' that they want to do. Most of the time they start off with sneaking onto a porn site that just has pictures (something they think is small and that no one will notice), then they go to the sites that have videos (once again they figure no one will catch them), they start spending money on videos and pictures (maybe renting it from a video store or some place like that, so that they won't get caught), then they start looking for someone to 'experience' it all with (It's all a big no no, but this one really out does them all because you may not get caught at first, but you will get caught. It may be someone will catch you with this person or maybe your conscience will just eat at you until you tell the truth either way, you're busted). So we end up with married people cheating and single people fornicating, both BIG no no's!

What I want to know is who would be so sick as to threaten marriages and the purity of others for some money? Who would be so possessed by Satan to allow that to reach another persons eyes? I hate that people have such little respect for themselves that they will sell their bodies for the enjoyment (just to watch or to feel) of others. I also can't stand that you can't get open your own e-mail Inbox without finding something that shouldn't be there or if you don't have high enough virus and pop-up protection that you'll see pop-ups of porn.

Someone NEEDS to stand up and take all this impure and vile stuff out of the eyes of people. It's ruining homes, marriages, children,.... Why is the United States so far 'below the mark' of what it could be? Because people took out God, people stopped caring what God wanted and we ended up with porn, nudity, swearing, immodesty, carelessness, hypocrisy,...and SO MUCH MORE. So now those of us trying to live a good life with God in it have to constantly worry about what we are going to hear and see.

Do you know that if you see something it is permanently burned into your mind? You may eventually forget over time, but it's still there, tucked away in some filing cabinet in your mind and you never know when it'll come sneaking out.

Did you also know that after hearing something so many times you will more than likely become curious or interested in what is being said?

Just think about that, everything you hear and see effects your life. So why do you let all the junk in? Is your life and the lives of those around you not important enough to clear out all the clutter of life and to ignore/push away the bad and to cling to everything good.

There's only one thing left that's good in this world and that's God, so start clinging! Make this a better world for yourselves, your spouse, your children, grandchildren, and so on.

P.S. This is a subject that has bugged me for years and I just had to let it out.