Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kirby Vacuum.. I think not

*Knock, knock* (to my front door, it's around 6pm) I come to the door and I glance out and see a van that looks like my parents so I open the door to realize that it's not my parents, but some strange guy with a french mustache. He hands me a Gain dish soap (the small, cheap bottle) and says they're handing them out for free and asks if I'd gotten one. I say no. So he hands it to me and then says they're doing a small survey and asks if I'd help, he says it will only take a few minutes.. my logic was he handed me Gain dish soap so he's probably just going to ask me what products I use for cleaning so I say yes. He says he's going to tell the other guy that I'm going to help so he goes to the van and yells to the guy, he then goes to the back and grabs out a couple of big boxes (oh great) It's a vacuum and he says what's the most trafficked area in your house so to keep him as close to the door as possible I just say that everyone comes in and out the entry room (which isn't a lie) so he begins his demos ration (and I'm kicking myself for opening the door) The guy of course seems nice and my husband, Miles, comes in maybe 10 minutes after he got here and I realized I was going to have to go to church soon so I keep checking my watch and of course he's still there. *Honk, honk* (from my drive) My ride to church is here. I grab my stuff and open the door. I realize the guy who drove the vacuum guy here isn't sitting in the drive anymore (that shouldn't have been the first clue) so I go to church and hear the whole way there how those guys are scam artists and their vacuums are just like any other and how my husband is going to fall for it because everyone does and I told them he wouldn't. So to ease their minds and mine I try to call my husband who of course has his phone on vibrate and no where near him (someone please slap him) so though out church I try texting him and nothing. After church on the way home (at 8:30) my husband responds to a text where I'd asked if the guy was still there and he says he's getting ready to leave so I'm picturing on of two thing 1. The guy is still there and Miles is signing us up for a new vacuum that we don't need or 2. I walk in the guy is gone and Miles is standing there with a smile and a new vacuum. So i get home and the guy is still there. I manage to sneak Miles off into the next room and whispering ask him if he's signed anything and he says just one paper but it wasn't like a sale paper. Ok that's good. And the guy continues to try to sell us this vacuum. I end up having to be the bad guy because my husband is in love with the vacuum now after the demo. I say no we can't and the guy goes to the "it will save you money in the long run", "you just feel that way because you didn't see the demo" (I gladly told him that had nothing to do with it), "you can't afford not to do this",.. etc.  Seth asks me for milk so I take him into the kitchen to get a drink and I hear the guy talking, but he's talking lower than normal (sign #.. who knows there's been a lot ) I come back in and once again tell him no after he continues to try and sell it. He finally leave after being there for 3 hours! (A few minutes my butt!) Come to find out when I went to the kitchen with Seth the guy was telling Miles to stand up to me and just buy it anyways. (It's knockout time!) If I ever see that guy again I'll have a hard time not giving him a piece of my mind.. and my fist. So Kirby will forever have a bitter taste in my mouth. Bunch of liars!