Saturday, February 22, 2014

Plans Done!

I have some awesome plans for my house! The plans are for the living room and the dining room. They consist of a new sofa, bookshelves, rearranging, wainscot, changing out some fabric, painting the walls, throw pillows, painting some existing furniture, some cute decor, owls, tealish/aqua color, and some paintings! Oh and the hardest part... Me making a seat!! I've never made anything like this and I cannot wait to try. 

For now I'm stuck. To many bills and not enough money for extra things like home improvements. But the designs are wrote down, fabrics picked out, colors picked out, just need to buy everything! 

I should start a fund! 
  Christine's Home Improvement Fund! 
Think anyone would donate? Yeah, me neither. Everyone is pretty broke :/

Guess while I wait I can start on kitchen plans...

Well I can't wait to do some before pictures and, of course, after pictures! 

Have a great night! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Boys! No wonder women live longer...

Today has been one of THOSE days. 
Seth has fell and hurt himself so much today. Most days I can tell him to sit down and he will, but not today. 

This last one was bad... Well I mean it sounded and looked bad. He's fine, but he's tired and he's no longer allowed to play tonight. He has to go to bed and stay safe!

 This kid is going to give me another two or three grey hairs before I'm even 25. Speaking of which my 24th birthday is just around the corner! Seems so unreal. I still think I'm 19 and here I am 6 years from 30! Lol. I'm not going to freak out about turning 30, I'll be thankful that I got to reach that age, to many people don't get too. Anyways, about Seth. 

Some of you may be thinking why isn't he asleep already after all it's 10:30pm. My answer is simple. If he sleeps earlier he wakes up super early. 10:30-11:00 gets me sleeping until only 8:30 or 9:00am. I know to some people that's nothing but to me that's early. I require a lot of sleep to function properly not easy with a kid. 

Ok well I have to go to fight my sleep fighting child! Have a great night! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Using My Stuck Time

With all this time being stuck inside, I finally decided to do some online searching for home upgrades. I found a few things. Like a sofa, a ceiling fan, and I can't decide between 3 chandeliers I like.   

The sofa: 

I wouldn't have the striped pillows of course, which is fine because I don't really like them, but it does come with the white throw pillows :) I would also throw on some teal patterned pillows to go along with my color theme :) 

The ceiling fan:

I was looking for a white one, but I LOVE the look of this one. Plus I could always paint the blades white. 

Now for my chandeliers :

It's pretty, but not to much

It's gorgeous in all it's blinginess, but I'm not sure it will go with what I'm going for. 

And last, but most definitely not least....

It has my bling and my white, it's gorgeous and will definitely say this is a dining room. Pretty sure this would be the one I'd choose. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

More Home Decor Wants!!

This  is a great Owl Bank in the beautiful bluish/teal colors that I'm doing in the house. I love it! 

The Owl Bookends would be so great to get my owl theme in on my bookshelf. 

There's a few Owl Mirrors that I'm interested in that could be put throughout the house. 

Beautiful Butterfly! Petrarch color to go with my color theme! In love! 

I love the black candle holder. It adds a bit of bling! 

This picture, to me, says warm and welcoming while adding a bit of color to the wall :) 

I wouldn't say that I LOVE this piece, but I do think it's cute and it has my colors :) 

Teal Based Small Globe. I used to hate globes, but I think it would add a bit of a manly look to my girliness. Obviously to me globes are more of a manly thing. 

Amazingly I found all these items at one store!
 I'm hoping to get some money so I can go in and start buying things to decorate the house more. Oh the money I need to get this place exactly where I want. But thank God I'm closer to getting this place where I want it than I was at our old house! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Happ Valentine's Day! I hope you've all had a great day that you got to share with someone you love. 

I'm mainly doing this post because of an incident I heard of today. 

A 13 yr old boy spent his own money to buy flowers for a girl at school. Well when the girls mom came to pick up her up she made her daughter give the flowers back (rumor has it the girl was bawling, I wasn't there I don't know) she was forced to give the flowers back to the boy in front of half of their class. Which duh would be embarrassing for both the boy and the girl. So there's the incident...

And here's what I want to say... Let me give you some advice. If a boy gives your little girl flowers be flattered that there's someone who likes her. Flowers are not a proposal, he's just a boy with a crush on not just any girl, but your girl. Is it scary to you the parent, yes. No one wants their kids to grow up, especially not when they're getting close to dating ages. But what that boy did was sweet. If you don't want your daughter dating yet let your daughter keep the flowers but talk to the boys parents and just let them know that.  Tell them that the flowers were sweet, your daughter was excited to get them, but the kids can only be friends for right now. Don't embarrass not only someone else's child but your own too! 

This whole thing made me very mad and it wasn't even my son. I would have had a very hard time not punching the woman, my kid or not. Her reaction was inappropriate and unacceptable. Rant over. LOL 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shimy Shimy Shake

I took Shim to the shelter today. Signed all my rights away, signed that I understand that it's a not a no kill shelter. She's a very beautiful, great personality cat so I'm sure someone will take her quickly. 
I've prayed over it and prayed she'll get a great family that will keep her until she passes or until they do and she'll be an inside cat and healthy with a nice long life. 
I hope that whoever adopts her will post picks on Facebook so I can see her through the shelters page. 

I cried while I was driving away from the shelter because I really do love her and I wish we could have kept her, but there are enough bodies (human and pet) in this house for now. Maybe when Seth is older and can help with chores and such we might have the option of another pet or at least be able to foster animals through the shelter until they get a forever home. 

Miss my Shimy Shimy Shake

Monday, February 10, 2014

No Water!?!?!

So here's my morning...

My house had NO water... Fabulous right? I thought that we had frozen pipes. 

Nope, come to find out a piece of whatever makes the water work was fried. Got that fixed. Still no water. 

Found out they think a part of my well is broke. So Mike (my awesome stepdad) called some people to come look at it/fix it. .... They'll be here tomorrow. 

So for tonight we have no running water in our house. Luckily we bottle up drinking water since well water isn't that tasty. And we'd aleady got water together in case power went out for days due to the bad weather and we needed to be able to flush the toilet. So we should be set until it gets fixed tomorrow, as long as it's a small problem, which I'm praying it's a small problem!  

Hey well issues and all I'd still rather live out here than in the city! Love me some country LOL 

Hope you're all having a great day, you and your running water! Lol. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So my Think Tank had been completely dried up on ideas of things to Blog about.

Life's been pretty boring. 

This winter has been dreadful! 

In case you weren't aware propane is super expensive and super hard to come by since they're having a shortage. Well our heat is through propane and rather than pay the outrageous propane cost we've been using electric heaters, which will sadly be cheaper than propane. Haha, oh my. I'd ask if there's any other ways the world would like to take and rip us off, but I'm sure I'd get an answer that I wouldn't like, like another bill to pay. 

Miles took Seth and I to Lafayette. We had some places we had to go and then we went to the Mall! :) I hadn't been to the Mall in a very long time! And I hadn't been out of the house for a while either. We NEEDED this trip. We got some new things that we needed, luckily the whole mall was having sales! It was such a great day! I wish we could do that more often. Seth did really well just sitting in his stroller looking around at places and people. He got to have Lucas Pizza for the first time, he liked it :) That day was the most active, happy, non-boring day I've had in a while. 

If this winter doesn't end soon I think I may have to move South or get put in an asylum. I'm going to lose it. I hate the cold, I hate being stuck inside, ... Poor Seth I can't imagine being a little kid with a ton of energy and being stuck in the house. 

Whelp back to the boredom! 
Have a great night everyone!