Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So my Think Tank had been completely dried up on ideas of things to Blog about.

Life's been pretty boring. 

This winter has been dreadful! 

In case you weren't aware propane is super expensive and super hard to come by since they're having a shortage. Well our heat is through propane and rather than pay the outrageous propane cost we've been using electric heaters, which will sadly be cheaper than propane. Haha, oh my. I'd ask if there's any other ways the world would like to take and rip us off, but I'm sure I'd get an answer that I wouldn't like, like another bill to pay. 

Miles took Seth and I to Lafayette. We had some places we had to go and then we went to the Mall! :) I hadn't been to the Mall in a very long time! And I hadn't been out of the house for a while either. We NEEDED this trip. We got some new things that we needed, luckily the whole mall was having sales! It was such a great day! I wish we could do that more often. Seth did really well just sitting in his stroller looking around at places and people. He got to have Lucas Pizza for the first time, he liked it :) That day was the most active, happy, non-boring day I've had in a while. 

If this winter doesn't end soon I think I may have to move South or get put in an asylum. I'm going to lose it. I hate the cold, I hate being stuck inside, ... Poor Seth I can't imagine being a little kid with a ton of energy and being stuck in the house. 

Whelp back to the boredom! 
Have a great night everyone! 

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