Thursday, January 30, 2014

Depression, stir crazy, and fohawk issues

Since Miles has been on 2nd shift the things with my depression have gotten better... 

Well besides the depression from this stupid, never ending weather! Seriously get warm already!!!!!!!

 I'm going stir crazy. I'm stuck in the house all day besides when I go to work, shop for groceries, or going to my Mom's. But Mom's is only a 1 minute drive so it's not much of an outing. 

I cannot wait to go outside and take walks, just sit outside, grilling, bike rides, taking pics of the lovely outdoors, etc. sad to say I would even like to now at this point! 

I know poor Seth is not happy being inside all the time, but I'm not going to let him go outside and get sick or worse. It's been way to cold for a toddler to be outside. Lucky for him he has a lot of family that loves him and has gotten him lots if toys. There's no shortage I things for him to play with. 

Speaking of Seth he'll be getting his first haircut here soon! His hair is getting far to long. We can't even get his fohawk to stick up right because the length of his hair! 

I hope you all have a great night!   

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