Thursday, January 30, 2014

Please Let Me Win!

Once again I've entered myself into a contest to win a free package. How many of you gave done this? Do you sit back like me and think, "yeah, I'm not going to win. I never win."? But then you still fill it out. 
I've won something once. I'd guessed the closest about how many jelly beans or something were in a bowl at a baby shower :) I was delighted when I found out that for once I won! 
I'm really hoping to win this package. Money is involved and since we've had Seth there's just no such thing as enough money! It's not that we're out wasting our money we just have a ton of bills and debts. We've gotten rid of a lot of things that weren't necessary to try to free up some money, but somedays it feels like that didn't help at all. 
Now I know that God will supply all my needs and that one day these debts will be paid off, I'm just praying that it's sooner rather than later. 

In case you're curious we gave up: 
I went to a cheaper cell plan
Stopped driving my Explorer (doesn't work anyways)
Canceled the insurance on my explorer
Go out to eat less
Go out/drive less (in other words we're almost always home)
I even eat less most days (I'm not starving by any means just eating less than normal which is actually healthier) 
Adjusted our house temperature to a less comfortable setting (by a couple of degrees nothing huge, have to keep our son warm) 
Also we're in WIC to help get food for Seth.   

So we're trying. It's just we don't make enough to pay all the bills (at least not the amount they want.) I know everyone goes through this at sometime, which is a reason why I don't mind just being honest about what we're going through.  

Maybe our list of things we got rid of will help someone else find ways to cut money and pay off more debt. Hope it did! 


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