Monday, February 29, 2016

Today Had Nothing On Summertime.....

Today was the busiest day I've had at my job (customer wise) and I asked my coworkers if this was anywhere near what we deal with in the summertime and they said no! We sell fountain drinks and everyone loves them.. especially with the "nugget" (crushed) ice. So summer time everyone is coming to us for their drinks. This ought to be fun! I believe I'll finally lose all this extra weight.. maybe 5 lbs a week being that busy every day! LOL
My stomach hurt so bad today from all the leaning/bending out the drive thru window and stocking cigarettes which took me 4 hours to do because of all the people coming in and out/through the drive thru! It shouldn't have taken that long at all.
I can't wait for the warm weather! Watch out, coworkers, I'll be pushing you out of the window so I can feel the nice weather. LOL.

Almost My Birthday!

Happy almost birthday to me
Happy almost birthday to me
Happy almost birthday to meeee
Happy almost biiirrrthday tooo meeeee!

No, I'm not excited at all LOL

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Raised from the dead"... say what?!

Ready for a "shut up!" moment?
It's a Sunday morning. I'm at church and my Pastor has finished preaching on "The Beginning Of Miracles", we're having altar service and awesome prayer is happening, people are being healed. I'm talking miracles! One man unable to speak after a stroke spoke. Another with health issues started feeling better than he had in at least a year.
Suddenly one of our ladies at the church walks to the pew, takes my moms arm, and my mom helps her sit down. It's all over the lady's face that something not right. She slumps over on the man's shoulder that was next to her. She died right then and there.
My mom is grabbing high faith people in the church and getting them over to her to pray.
We have some RN's who throw her on the floor and started doing chest compression. The church focuses all their prayer on this lady.. Btw her name is Robin. The EMT's get there and are hooking Robin up to the machine, putting a tube down her throat, and everything else they needed to do and they take her out. The church continues to pray for her.
After a little while we get the news that they found a pulse! She's taken to Indy where she codes 6 times on the way! The doctors run their tests and can't explain it.. they see no sign of a heart attack (aside from the one she'd had before) and even after being dead that long she has no side effects (besides being a little sore!)
She's been released from the hospital and is at home eager to get back to church!
You can't tell me that miracles aren't real and you can't tell me that God doesn't exist!
Since then there have been more miracles and we're waiting for God to do more!