Monday, February 29, 2016

Today Had Nothing On Summertime.....

Today was the busiest day I've had at my job (customer wise) and I asked my coworkers if this was anywhere near what we deal with in the summertime and they said no! We sell fountain drinks and everyone loves them.. especially with the "nugget" (crushed) ice. So summer time everyone is coming to us for their drinks. This ought to be fun! I believe I'll finally lose all this extra weight.. maybe 5 lbs a week being that busy every day! LOL
My stomach hurt so bad today from all the leaning/bending out the drive thru window and stocking cigarettes which took me 4 hours to do because of all the people coming in and out/through the drive thru! It shouldn't have taken that long at all.
I can't wait for the warm weather! Watch out, coworkers, I'll be pushing you out of the window so I can feel the nice weather. LOL.

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