Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dieting Day 3

 Hello, I hope your day is going great!

 I won't put how much I weigh every post because, as we all know, you just don't drop lbs that quick. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you gain *sigh*

Today's Shake is strawberry, kiwi, banana, celery, carrot, and milk. Once again for being healthy it isn't that bad. Would I say I'd crave these shakes? No way. But I do think that they're helping me.

Along with my shakes I'm eating less portions, drinking a lite cranberry juice, eating more healthy food, not drinking pop, and trying to drink more water.. which so far has only happened at restaurants and a couple times at home. I really dislike drinking water!

To be honest I feel like I've been eating and drinking like this forever... and I don't mean that in a good way. I'm craving boneless wings, pasta, a steak, or something else completely fattening. And it's not that I'm not eating any of this stuff I'm just eating WAY less of it and my body wants WAY more of it. I constantly have cravings.. No, I'm not pregnant.. I've just always had cravings. Typically (Almost always) if I eat something that I'm not craving than I'm still hungry. Fighting the urge to eat everything in sight has not been easy. My husband was under the impression that I was going to just drop everything that I'd normally eat.. I'd love to say I have the willpower to do that, but I don't. My weight loss will take longer than I want doing it this way, but being miserable would make me give up all together and I don't want to be this big any longer.

Is anyone else out there suffering with me on a diet? Do you lack the willpower like me? Or are you one of those lucky people who can go fattening to healthy in .3sec? Please comment and let me know how your diet is going

Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 1 of 40 lb weight loss

Day 1:
   I'm starting a few things to help me lose weight. Such as shakes in the morning, eating smaller portions, no (or at least way less) pop, and just eating less in general. If I seem upset it's probably because I'm starving!

Today's shake/smoothie/the thing I threw in the blender/whatever you'd like to call it has celery, carrots, blueberries, a banana, some milk, and a little bit of cinnamon.
It may sound gross, but for getting me fruits and veggies it's actually pretty good. I don't taste the veggies so that's a huge plus. I cannot stand celery or raw carrots! I didn't use a recipe I just started throwing some things in there and got something great. So not only will this hopefully help me to lose weight, but it will help me to be creative :-)

   Hopefully I can stick with this. My short term goal is 1 lb a month. My long term goal is 125-130 lbs. The short term goal not so hard. The long term kind of seems impossible to be honest.  If I keep with my short term goal that's 12 lbs a year which means I'd make my long term goal in... about 3 1/2 yrs. I hope it doesn't take that long, but I've been big for 5ish yrs so 3 1/2 yrs isn't to bad I guess, it's better than being big any longer!

    Any advice? Feel free to comment!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

10 Things You Should Know About Your Guy/Gal Before Marrying Them

Once again I was on Facebook, scrolling through my News Feed and I came upon a post that I just had to blog about. The post is from and the post is 10 Things You Should Know About Your Partner Before Marrying Them. Obviously they've listed 10 things, really important things, that you should know about your guy/gal before marrying. Even though I'm going to list the 10 things please click the link to read their full post. These 10 things listed were (This time I'm going to add my feed on what they listed as well):
1. Do they want kids
   My husband and I when we were dating had this conversation and we almost broke up. I didn't want kids and he did. I eventually just said I'd have a kid and that's that. I'm so glad I chose to have a kid! Look at what I would have been missing! But that's just our story. I hear of plenty of marriages that end in divorce because one spouse wants kids and the other doesn't or they don't want the same amount of kids and they spend their lives unhappy and arguing about it.

2. How are they with money
    Money can put major stress on your marriage. If you can't handle an account that sometimes goes negative don't marry someone who isn't good with money. At least one person in the marriage HAS to be good with money.

3. What's their relationship with their family like
    It's good to know what to expect. Is he a Momma's Boy? Will he/she be on the phone with their mom all the time? Sharing your business (marriage issues) with his/her family? Or are they pretty much non-existent? Lots of fights? Etc. Just know what you're going to be experiencing and if it's something you're ok with.

4. How do they express anger
    This one is a VERY important one to know. Some people don't really get that angry, it takes a lot to make them mad. Others may throw things or yell. Yelling may just be yelling or name calling. Now I DO NOT approve of people yelling and calling names and if you're like me that would cause A LOT of issues in your marriage.

5. Do they have any dreams or career ambitions that marriage might forestall (hinder).
    I say if you're going to college it's best to wait to marry until after you've finished schooling. I wish I would have gone to college to get some nice job and whatnot and I know I still could, but now I'm married and a mother and we just don't have the money.
    If you're wanting to travel do that first, unless that's a passion of your guy/gal as well and make sure you go everywhere you want to go before before you have kids!
6. How much sex
    If you're going into marriage virgins this might be a very hard question to answer. If that's the case you may need to just guess and be honest that you don't know. Now if you aren't a virgin it's safe to say you know about how often.
a. I'd also add that you might want to talk about what your boundaries are, what you're comfortable with, etc.

7. Where do they want home to be
    If you want to live where you are now and they want to live in a different town or state that's an issue. Here's your options: a. one of you gives in b. you compromise (half way between where they want to be and where you want to be) c. give it up it isn't meant to be. Figure it out before marriage or you're pretty much doomed to fight a lot.

8. Do they want to sign a prenup
    A lot of marriages are failing and I'm sure more and more people are signing prenups. Being asked to sign one may feel like a slap in the face and make them feel like you don't believe that they love you or that you don't believe in your future together. Or it may be something you both want.

9. What is their spiritual inclination
    Beliefs are very important. If one of you is Catholic and the other is atheist or one Apostolic and the other is Buddhist it just isn't going to work. One of you would have to convert or you'll have to just call it quits. Think of it this way what happens when you have kids? Where would they go to church? What belief would you teach them? It's important to be on the same page with beliefs and child raising. Does he/she worship trees, God, or nobody?

10. How will you handle the division of labor
     Also very important. You need to know what to expect. Is the lady of the house going to work? If so how many hours should she be working? Will she continue to work after the kids come? Is the man the primary worker? Is the woman the primary worker?


Marriage is meant to be FOREVER so you want to make sure that you can handle their "quirks" FOREVER. The vow literally say, "For BETTER OR for WORSE'til DEATH do us part" You don't just get the good parts when you're married. You get every good and UGLY detail about your spouse. Morning breath, messy hair, body odor (if you think your spouse will always smell good you're wrong!), bad habits, weird habits, how they sleep (toss and turn, take over the whole bed, hog the covers,...)(Funny story. Miles and I punched, slapped, kneed, and kicked each other for the first maybe month while we were getting used to sleeping with someone else in the bed. Lol.), leaving clothes on the floor, not throwing away their trash (little candy wrappers, disposable plates, or whatever else), not putting the dishes in the dishwasher, never doing dishes, never doing laundry,... ETC. We all have faults, even you aren't perfect and your partner should also be deciding if they can live with your faults. 
If you can see yourself with FOREVER, every day for the rest of your lives, in mind dealing with their faults.. not to say you won't ever get bothered by it, but being able to deal with it for the most part then go for it.
Just remember no marriage is perfect. You will eventually fight. One of you may storm out the door to clear your head. But if your communicate, be sure that you never break the trust of your spouse, and remember that the little things are what is truly important (holding hands, kisses before bed/when you wake up/before work/after work, taking time to sit and watch a movie together, etc.) and also with the help of God you can and will make forever with your spouse.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Getting Married Young: Tips of Things You Should Outgrow/Do Before You Get Married

I was on Facebook today scrolling through my News Feed and I saw this post from titled Getting Married Young: The Habits You Need To Outgrow Before You Say 'I Do'. In the post are 13 things you should Outgrow before getting married. Here's the list. (Please go check out the rest of the post by clicking on the link above.)
1. Lying

2. Belligerent blacking out

3. Laziness

4. Facebook posting

5. Depending on mommy

6. Your inability to share

7. Self-importance

8. Frat mentality

9. Playing games

10. Your ex

11. Complaining

12. Indecision

13. Snooping

While I didn't deal with all of these. Thank the Lord! I did/do deal with some of them. And I completely agree that you should outgrow these before getting married. But I'd have a little more input. As someone who married young, at the age of 19 and having been married for over 5 years now I've learned a few things. So if you'll let me I'm going to give you a few more tips.

1. Be best friends first
   We all love to be in love and want to get married. Some of us that means wanting to be married right now! Trust me I know the struggle is real, but I realize now that there are some major benefits for those who have married someone they first became best friends with. You need to have a spouse that you can tell anything and everything and they won't judge you or make you feel judged for just being you.

2. Date for at least 3 years before you get married
   Once again I know you want to marry right now. Maybe your friends are married or maybe married with kids, but rushing into marriage is a horrible idea. Trust me if you listen you will thank me later. Being young I thought I could get to know people in like a year. Totally stupid, right? If you weren't aware now you are, it's totally stupid. You cannot get to know someone in a year. Yes, people are constantly changing so there's always something new to learn, but trust me it takes 3 years or more to discover most of the "deal breaker" things about a person.

3. Do not marry until you are at least 23 (I really want to say 25, really.)
    By now your mouth is probably on the floor. I understand I was (and technically still am) young. I remember how I thought at 18, 19, and even up until I turned 23. I know that everyone is different, but see I didn't really know myself and what I really wanted until I was 23. I thought I knew myself and what was important to me. Matter a fact if I was reading this back then my past self would be arguing with my present self. So wait until you've aged some. 

4. Get your own place
   Make sure you can live alone before you're thrown into a place with a spouse. If you can do it by yourself than no one could ever tell you that you wouldn't be where you are without them and you'd never have to wonder what living your own life would be like. Yes, I wonder about this. I never had my own apartment. I moved from Mom's house to Husband's apartment. I'll be honest I've missed out because of some of my choices. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I have a bad life, I don't, but my choices have made it harder than it needed to be. 
There's a girl who is 3 years younger than me. We went to school together (Christian school so everyone knows everyone no matter what grade) and she not to long ago bought a house. By herself! I am beyond thrilled for her. Seriously when I think about her and what she's done I just can't help but smile. I am so proud of her! And to be honest I envy her. I wish I would have done that when I was younger. See I don't know if I could have done that. I know I would have been terrified! And I'm not sure I would have been able to financially do that either. I think having my own place would have helped me to not be in such a rush to get married. Sure it'd be lonely some times, but Honey, that's what friends and family are for! Lol.

5. Have a steady group of friends
    You cannot wrap your whole life around your spouse. You need to have friends to talk to, hang out with, and even sometimes vent to. I have friends, but I'm good at pushing people away so I can't say I have a group of close, steady friends. I could blame other people, really I'm not just saying that.. it hasn't all been me, but I have to blame myself for it too and not just too, but I mainly have me to blame. I allowed other people to force friends out of my life, to change my view of my friends, and to in general just change me because I wasn't old enough or mature enough to just be me. I resent that now. So get friends, good friends! Steady, good friends! Lol.

I could probably add more to this list and maybe one day I will, but for now that's the tips that I would add. If you're reading this and you have any tips you'd like to add than please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!