Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dieting Day 3

 Hello, I hope your day is going great!

 I won't put how much I weigh every post because, as we all know, you just don't drop lbs that quick. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you gain *sigh*

Today's Shake is strawberry, kiwi, banana, celery, carrot, and milk. Once again for being healthy it isn't that bad. Would I say I'd crave these shakes? No way. But I do think that they're helping me.

Along with my shakes I'm eating less portions, drinking a lite cranberry juice, eating more healthy food, not drinking pop, and trying to drink more water.. which so far has only happened at restaurants and a couple times at home. I really dislike drinking water!

To be honest I feel like I've been eating and drinking like this forever... and I don't mean that in a good way. I'm craving boneless wings, pasta, a steak, or something else completely fattening. And it's not that I'm not eating any of this stuff I'm just eating WAY less of it and my body wants WAY more of it. I constantly have cravings.. No, I'm not pregnant.. I've just always had cravings. Typically (Almost always) if I eat something that I'm not craving than I'm still hungry. Fighting the urge to eat everything in sight has not been easy. My husband was under the impression that I was going to just drop everything that I'd normally eat.. I'd love to say I have the willpower to do that, but I don't. My weight loss will take longer than I want doing it this way, but being miserable would make me give up all together and I don't want to be this big any longer.

Is anyone else out there suffering with me on a diet? Do you lack the willpower like me? Or are you one of those lucky people who can go fattening to healthy in .3sec? Please comment and let me know how your diet is going

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