Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Blogs

I've been checking out some new blogs. Not like new, new, but new to me new. And I just love the creativity that I've seen. One blog is drawings, like comic book drawings about her life, that one is cool. And some of the ideas of topics, like those people who somehow stick to one topic the whole blog.. no clue how they do that! I'd have to have like 50 blogs!

Anyways if you love to read blogs I suggest you go to some of the blogs you like and find out what blogs that blogger likes, normally you'll like what they like if you like them. Notice the normally. It's not a 100% positive thing. After all people like many different things and one of those things that they like may make you want to barf. Lol. I have a few blog badges posted to the right, if you'd like to check out those sites feel free.

Who knows one day a blog you follow could be famous... maybe you could be the first member. Don't tell me that wouldn't make you feel good. So go out there and give some blogs a chance!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cat Saves Owner's Life Just Hours After Being Adopted

Cat Saves Owner's Life Just Hours After Being Adopted:

'via Blog this'

Have I ever said how much I love cats? Well, I do! They're amazing creatures and I own 3 :)

They may not be like a dog who always wants to be around you, but honestly I can't stand dogs because of that (and other reasons). I like how cats are independent, but still on a daily basis come lay on the recliner with me.
The article above is about some cats who went 'above and beyond' to be heroes.

Sure you may not see loving on the elderly person before they die as a heroic thing, but if that person had no one else I'm sure they did.

See cats won't show you love if they don't love you so when they do love on you, you better appreciate it and recognize it.

Cats... amazing animals created by our Heavenly Father!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blood Drawing #2

I went to the Dr today and had my blood drawn for the second time since a baby. The lady was really good at it, no pain! That's what I like. And it didn't feel all weird this time like it did before. She talked during putting the needle in and did it pretty quickly so that was awesome. Also there was a huge window to look out to keep me occupied.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let's Start With Forever

"No measure of time with you will be long enough. But let's start with forever." -Edward Cullen

I love, love, love that quote. It's so sweet and what someone who was truly in love would say. It's the way I hope my husband feels about me. The way that every guy should feel about his wife. And of course in return the way every wife should feel about their husband. ... 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Katy Perry

 I love her music and her voice. Her fashion in her videos is.. different, but for the most part cool. I personally loved her Thinking Of You outfit, but that's because I love the old time style. I like how her songs can relate to many people and that they are just so fun to sing along with.

BUT... Yeah, there's a but.

I really like Katy Perry so when please don't think that I don't. But I have to wonder after being a Christian why she would go so far opposite of the church. The naked or nearly naked poses I've seen, that's most definitely far away from what most churches believe. Me being Apostolic Pentecostal I just have to wonder what caused such a fall. 

It also makes me wonder about her song Who Am I Living For..(My thoughts on what she's thinking) she obviously struggles with the fact that she was once raised in church and now is so far away and it is no doubt a scary thought to think at the end of her life (or time of the rapture) what will be said of her? 

She talks about it being a test and her being chosen and how it's not easy, which I must admit is very true. But then she questions Who she's living for. And that's a scary question. Obviously she realizes she has to choose if she's going to live for herself or God, which isn't always an easy decision. I realize that living for yourself is much easier than living for God, but what in life that's easy is really worth it? 

I would love to hear a Christian song written and sang by her. I really think she could make it cool and still have God behind it. I believe Christians everywhere would love her, most do already. Lol. 

Just my thoughts... 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sign Language

If you have never seen Sign Language, rather it be to a song or just someone talking, you are missing out. Sign Language is a BEAUTIFUL language! You can go to Youtube and find a ton of videos where people sign to songs. One of my favorite songs and a song I actually signed to as the lead is Jesus, I Love You. I can't seem to find a good enough video to show just how beautiful the signing in this song is, but it is very beautiful.

Any of you who have ever signed know just how powerful it is. To hear the song and then to 'sing it' with your hands.. I'm not quite sure I've ever felt so close to God than when I signed. I unfortunately hate to be the center of attention so I don't sign anymore. If I'm at church and a song is playing that I know some of the words to I will sign the words behind  the pew so no one can see. After all I'm not signing for everyone else to see me, it's a God thing.

I've been watching Switched At Birth, my main interest was that there would be signing in the show. I really have enjoyed watching it and learning new signs and remembering the ones I knew from before. Point is after watching Switched At Birth I decided I want to study Sign Language again, which I have my own A.S.L. book so it's really no problem.

If you are interested in learning sign language, but can't afford an A.S.L. book you can always use the internet. There are tons of free sites where you can learn. Youtube (click on the link and it will take you to different Youtube options for Sign language Lessons),  American Sign Language, or  ASL Pro (now if you click on this one it says something about Visa or whatever, but that's just if you can or would like to donate so don't freak out, just scroll down the page and it'll have the options you're looking for)

It's best to start out with the Alphabet, which is what I've been studying. You'll need to use Sign Language a lot to remember it. Sign with songs or when you talk to people or just study it every day. I didn't study so I forgot it, but I know what it takes to remember.
Next you may take normal words that you use in everyday talk such as why, what, when, where, I, you, we, they, mom, dad,.. etc.
All of that should take a while. And from there I'm sure you could figure it out. It will take a while so don't get upset when you forget something.

Happy Signing!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope you all have a wonderful day and that you get to spend it with the ones you love the most.
Just remember that yes, today is put aside just to show your love all around the world, but that we should show our love everyday. You never know when today is your or someone else's last...
So Happy Valentine's Day and don't forget to tell your loved ones how much you love them!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I hate this!

Ok so you'll have no clue what I'm talking about, but oh well.
I hate this. I hate this feeling, I hate the way its making my life...
I just want to stinking enjoy life and not have to worry about getting yelled at for stupid things that are a little hard to handle normally but even worse now.
Yeah, and some people think that yelling and sharing their opinion helps.. well it doesn't. It makes everything way worse.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What About Me?!

I hate having something in my life that is something kind of exciting that I can't blog about. It's annoying. I mean I know why I can't blog about it, but still.

I'm finding that I'm very annoyed today. Certain comments I've heard today have not helped that whatsoever. Such as dishes, which I would like to break them all. We have to many so they pile up. Rather than just having the amount of dishes we need and then cleaning them when we need them... it'd be a really small pile and I wouldn't be overwhelmed so they'd get done a lot faster.

My head hurts, I need to go take a bath, but I'm waiting on something and Idk what time that will be so I don't know if now is a good time to take a bath/shower or not.

I really wish today would just get better and that people would stop annoying me.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Poor Strays :(

SNOW! UGH! It's snowing yet again. If you can't tell I hate snow.

 And to make it worse every time it snows all I can think is, "Those poor stray cats!"  See we feed the family that we took Safari from, they're a wonderful, beautiful bunch of cats. And I can't stand looking outside my front door knowing that they're outside in the cold! The only comfort I have is that they know they can come here for shelter and food on our porch and one of them is friendly enough to know that if he comes around he'll get pet.

 I love to pet him. He's soft, muscular, and loving! I wish we could take him in, well technically I wish we could take them all in, but we can't. It's such a shame.

But I love that I get to see them almost every day. I just keep praying that God will protect them from the cold and from vehicles and all other life threatening things that they run into. Yes, I. am. a. cat. lover! They're beautiful, remarkable creatures and much smarter than people give them credit for.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Phone Calls

I don't know about you, but I for one have never liked talking to people on the phone. My mom is about the only person that I don't mind being on the phone with.

 Ok, so I know some of you are thinking I'm insane! But I have a reason. The reason is, I don't really have that much to talk about. I mean really I'm shy, my life is boring...  really what am I going to talk about? I don't really have any big hobbies or things that I make.

My life consists of me basically being comfortable. I don't see the need to waste life doing things that I don't want to do (Unless it's work, that I understand) I don't believe in forcing people to participate in group activities because some people are 'hard-wired' differently, like me. I don't like games or being the center of attention, people are lucky I even had a public wedding.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure that's enough to explain why I don't like talking on the phone.

Of course then there's the are they home? Can they answer the phone? Are they busy? Are they working? Are they sleeping? Etc.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Stupid Over The Years

I don't know about you, but I think that people are getting more and more stupid over the years. I mean where did these people learn to drive? And what happened to common sense? Seriously even walking through a grocery store people don't use their brains and they make shopping way more complicated than necessary by getting in the way or going in the store without some kind of plan. People need to go back to school; Regular School, Common Sense School, and a School for Manners!  And that's just how I feel.

I'd really like to know what happened to people. Why did we change so much? And why did it have to be for the worse?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Doc had some ideas to help me feel better so that's awesome. Hopefully it will help. With Jesus and doctors surely I'll be able to take this

Dr. Office

Sitting at the Dr. Office. Unfortunately the Dr. Is running late due to being in surgery with another patient so we've been waiting for a while. I've never seen this Dr. before so I'm a little nervous, but at least its a woman and not a man. That I guess makes me feel a little bit more comfortable. After all women understand women's problems. Hopefully they can find a way to make me feel better. Here's hoping. Ok back to waiting now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Somebody Please Blog Already!

So I keep wishing that someone that has any of the blogs that I read would post something, anything that would be interesting and either they don't blog at all or they post something that I don't find very interesting. I like to read about things in other people's lives. Places they've been, things they've seen, stories they've heard, things they've made,... etc.