Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Blogs

I've been checking out some new blogs. Not like new, new, but new to me new. And I just love the creativity that I've seen. One blog is drawings, like comic book drawings about her life, that one is cool. And some of the ideas of topics, like those people who somehow stick to one topic the whole blog.. no clue how they do that! I'd have to have like 50 blogs!

Anyways if you love to read blogs I suggest you go to some of the blogs you like and find out what blogs that blogger likes, normally you'll like what they like if you like them. Notice the normally. It's not a 100% positive thing. After all people like many different things and one of those things that they like may make you want to barf. Lol. I have a few blog badges posted to the right, if you'd like to check out those sites feel free.

Who knows one day a blog you follow could be famous... maybe you could be the first member. Don't tell me that wouldn't make you feel good. So go out there and give some blogs a chance!

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