Friday, February 10, 2012

The Poor Strays :(

SNOW! UGH! It's snowing yet again. If you can't tell I hate snow.

 And to make it worse every time it snows all I can think is, "Those poor stray cats!"  See we feed the family that we took Safari from, they're a wonderful, beautiful bunch of cats. And I can't stand looking outside my front door knowing that they're outside in the cold! The only comfort I have is that they know they can come here for shelter and food on our porch and one of them is friendly enough to know that if he comes around he'll get pet.

 I love to pet him. He's soft, muscular, and loving! I wish we could take him in, well technically I wish we could take them all in, but we can't. It's such a shame.

But I love that I get to see them almost every day. I just keep praying that God will protect them from the cold and from vehicles and all other life threatening things that they run into. Yes, I. am. a. cat. lover! They're beautiful, remarkable creatures and much smarter than people give them credit for.

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