Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sign Language

If you have never seen Sign Language, rather it be to a song or just someone talking, you are missing out. Sign Language is a BEAUTIFUL language! You can go to Youtube and find a ton of videos where people sign to songs. One of my favorite songs and a song I actually signed to as the lead is Jesus, I Love You. I can't seem to find a good enough video to show just how beautiful the signing in this song is, but it is very beautiful.

Any of you who have ever signed know just how powerful it is. To hear the song and then to 'sing it' with your hands.. I'm not quite sure I've ever felt so close to God than when I signed. I unfortunately hate to be the center of attention so I don't sign anymore. If I'm at church and a song is playing that I know some of the words to I will sign the words behind  the pew so no one can see. After all I'm not signing for everyone else to see me, it's a God thing.

I've been watching Switched At Birth, my main interest was that there would be signing in the show. I really have enjoyed watching it and learning new signs and remembering the ones I knew from before. Point is after watching Switched At Birth I decided I want to study Sign Language again, which I have my own A.S.L. book so it's really no problem.

If you are interested in learning sign language, but can't afford an A.S.L. book you can always use the internet. There are tons of free sites where you can learn. Youtube (click on the link and it will take you to different Youtube options for Sign language Lessons),  American Sign Language, or  ASL Pro (now if you click on this one it says something about Visa or whatever, but that's just if you can or would like to donate so don't freak out, just scroll down the page and it'll have the options you're looking for)

It's best to start out with the Alphabet, which is what I've been studying. You'll need to use Sign Language a lot to remember it. Sign with songs or when you talk to people or just study it every day. I didn't study so I forgot it, but I know what it takes to remember.
Next you may take normal words that you use in everyday talk such as why, what, when, where, I, you, we, they, mom, dad,.. etc.
All of that should take a while. And from there I'm sure you could figure it out. It will take a while so don't get upset when you forget something.

Happy Signing!

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