Thursday, February 16, 2012

Katy Perry

 I love her music and her voice. Her fashion in her videos is.. different, but for the most part cool. I personally loved her Thinking Of You outfit, but that's because I love the old time style. I like how her songs can relate to many people and that they are just so fun to sing along with.

BUT... Yeah, there's a but.

I really like Katy Perry so when please don't think that I don't. But I have to wonder after being a Christian why she would go so far opposite of the church. The naked or nearly naked poses I've seen, that's most definitely far away from what most churches believe. Me being Apostolic Pentecostal I just have to wonder what caused such a fall. 

It also makes me wonder about her song Who Am I Living For..(My thoughts on what she's thinking) she obviously struggles with the fact that she was once raised in church and now is so far away and it is no doubt a scary thought to think at the end of her life (or time of the rapture) what will be said of her? 

She talks about it being a test and her being chosen and how it's not easy, which I must admit is very true. But then she questions Who she's living for. And that's a scary question. Obviously she realizes she has to choose if she's going to live for herself or God, which isn't always an easy decision. I realize that living for yourself is much easier than living for God, but what in life that's easy is really worth it? 

I would love to hear a Christian song written and sang by her. I really think she could make it cool and still have God behind it. I believe Christians everywhere would love her, most do already. Lol. 

Just my thoughts... 

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