Thursday, January 26, 2012

This And That

Finding that I'm out of words. I have no clue what to say. That's why  I haven't been blogging.

I'm watching Heroes again. My husband and I were watching it before, but it seemed to get boring to him, so we stopped watching it. I finally decided that I wanted to know how it ended. So here I am trying to get to the ending. So far I'm interested, but annoyed at how things are going.. it better get better.

My husband has been upset because things don't get done when I feel sick. I do a little here and there, but when I feel sick all I do is lay down, that's when I feel the best. Of course my body is aching because of all the laying down. I wish it was Spring time and warm, then I could take a walk everyday. I think that would make me feel better.

I'm not big on breakfast, so would you like to know what I had? Ok, I had spaghetti! Lol. It was good.

I have a Dr. appointment on the 7th, my absolute favorite thing ever. Not. I really don't like going to the Dr., but they know things I don't so I guess it is necessary. Gotta stay healthy! God gave me this body, it's the only one I get so I have to take care of His Temple.

I still can't believe that the Harry Potter series is over! I wish they would make more, it's not like they couldn't make another bad guy up, fill in those, what 17 years? between Voldemort and having kids going to their first year of school. But I can understand how the actors/actresses would like to do other things. Like Daniel Radcliff in The Woman In Black, which I can't wait to see just because he's in it.

I can't decide if I'm still hungry. So I haven't ate anymore. I hate not knowing if I'm hungry or not.

Well, I think that's all the 'interesting' things that have happened recently so I'll be getting off here now. Have a great day! Hopefully soon I'll have something more exciting to blog about.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How I'm Feeling Today

I'm finally feeling a little better. Hopefully I'll keep feeling better and better with every day that comes.

I'm going to attempt to do the dishes today. There are quite a few piling up since I've been sick so I may not get all of them, but hopefully I'll get most of them.

I'm doing a little better food wise. At first I wasn't eating anything (ok I ate, but not enough to really make a difference. I had a bite or two of 1 or 2 things a day and that was it.), but now I'm eating 2 small meals a day. And I'm drinking a lot of water, yet my throat still hurts and feels dry. I'm still very picky about what I eat. I'm finding that if something sounds good to me then it is normally ok for me to eat.

Currently I want a taco so I'm going to make myself a taco and hope it doesn't make me sick. Yesterday I had Long Johns and the day before was Burger King. I would love for my taco to come from Taco Bell, but they don't deliver and my husband is at work. So I'm stuck cooking it myself.

Please continue to pray for me that I will feel better.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Feel Blah

Haven't been feeling good here recently. I'm attempting to eat because I know I need to, but I am just not hungry. So hopefully it doesn't come back up. I already threw up yesterday, well, it was probably more this morning, but really early in the morning.

I've been sneezing, coughing, have a stuffy/runny nose, and a sore throat. And of course I've been feeling sick a lot. Which would be why I threw up. Duh.

I've been laying down a lot, which means that nothing is getting done and this just isn't allowed in my home. So.. I really need to start feeling better so that I can get up and do what needs to be done.

If you pray and you're reading this please just pray that I will start feeling better.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little Bit Of Everything..

Sore throats! Ugh! I can't stand it. And unfortunately I have one. It's been around for a couple of days and I thought it would just go away, but no, it's still here. So I've been trying to drink hot honey and lemon tea to help at least soothe it. Hopefully it will go away and not become anything more serious than just a sore throat.

I do believe I told you I was doing a type of fast since my church is fasting? Yeah, if not now you know. Anyways, that's going pretty well, for me. I say for me because I'm doing better at keeping to it than I thought I would. Except for now that I'm drinking this hot tea. I can't drink tea without sugar, it grosses me out. Lol.

Garfield, Scooter, and Tootsie all got baths yesterday. They feel SO much softer! It's amazing! And they smell good too. Lol. They're all doing well. They sleep a lot, like normal. I just keep praying that they are all healthy and that nothing bad will happen to them. I couldn't stand to lose another cat, esp not so soon.

You know how I beat Bioshock? Well, today I finished off Bioshock 2! It was a little bit harder, but I still enjoyed it. I'm kind of hoping they'll make another one, but something tells me that they won't. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. ... UPDATE: I just checked and it seems they have made a 3rd Bioshock called Bioshock Infinite! Unfortunately it won't be released until December 31, 2012. So I have quite a while to wait. Hopefully I can find a game I like just as much for in the mean time.

it's 1:44p.m. My tea is cold now, I'm a slow drinker. So I need to go warm that up. Later on I have work. Joy, joy. Hopefully I don't make anyone sick and hopefully going outside doesn't make me worse. Guess I'll just bundle up and pray that I keep warm. Speaking of which I should probably put some stretchy pants under my skirt for some extra protection. I wish we could just get to Spring time already.

Friday, January 13, 2012

So Cold

I thought that we would sneak by Winter this year with only a couple snow falls, but unfortunately Winter has caught up to us and oh my, is it ever cold. I really hate being cold! The cold, the cold wind, and the snow to me are very depressing. I seriously wish the seasons were Spring, Summer, Fall and back to Spring again.

I have a love hate relationship with coats/jackets. I love them because they can be very fashionable, but I hate having to wear yet another layer. Coats are so heavy and when you go to a store, the mall, or wherever you have to take them off and put them back on or just suffer and wear it the whole time in the hot stores. And if you have to move your arms a lot they get SO sore.

Point being I can't wait for Spring to get here! Also if you're going to go outside bundle up.. or if possible just stay home. Lol.

My Calling

We all have a calling and often it takes us a while to find out what it is, but I've known for quite a while, since around 13. I knew that 1. I was to get married and 2. the man I would marry would have a passion that was the same as my own. Check, check!

My passion is the Youth, no not the little kids. I mean the Young Adults and Teens (13-20's)

When I first knew about my calling I was confused on if it was to be a Pastor's Wife or a Youth Leader's Wife (or whatever title the church has on it) But the older I got the more of a passion I felt toward the Youth and then I knew. I also knew when I found out that my husband had the same passion.

Times have been hard and we haven't been to church a lot. Tsk, tsk... I know. But I am trying to get back to going at least both services on Sundays. Wednesdays are very hard due to when my husband gets off work. By the time he gets off work, gets home from his 30 minute drive, we get food (that I've cooked or otherwise), and eat we're completely out of time to get ready for church or often church has already started. So Wednesdays are just not good. I will inform you that we don't live any different when we aren't going to church than when we are.

I know that the only way to become Youth Leader is to be at church faithfully and to faithfully pay tithes. Well, there are other things as well, but those two are at the top of the list. Clearly paying tithes won't happen if we aren't at church. Sure we could send it in, but I guess it's never crossed my mind.

Also the couple that are over the Youth would have to step down. I don't see this happening since they just took over, unless they can't handle a baby and the Youth. By NO means would we ever try to take their position from them, if this is where God wants them then this is where I want them. They are good people and the Youth are lucky to have them. Btw, if either of you read this congrats :)

I also have no clue if our church is the church we'll one day be Youth Leaders at. There are so many churches and God could call us anywhere, which is kind of scary. I love my church so I would like it to be there, but it would need to be God's will.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012

Whelp, I've missed a few days, but I knew I would so no biggie.

Yesterday I finally bought what we are going to bury Safari in. Also yesterday I got a package in the mail and it was from my hubby. He bought me the Detroit Lions shirt I've been wanting. Sure maybe I don't like sports, but he does and that's his team, so I'll support them. Plus I like the Lion Logo and that beautiful color of blue.

Today I finished my video game, Bioshock. I really liked playing it, but it made me mad when I found out everything. The ending 'credit video' (whatever it's actually called) made me sad, yes, I know it is fake, but I guess I'm a sap. I started playing Bioshock 2. It's a lot like the 1st, but I think it's a little harder.

Walmart, yeah I hate going to Walmart (Wm) I used to work there (for Wm) and now I work in Wm, but for a different company. I hate it! I don't like going there to work, I want to go there to do whatever shopping is necessary then leave. But today wasn't so bad. Here recently Wm has been a mad house, for no reason. But today it was calmer and I only had one person ask me where something (that had nothing to do with bread) was. So it was a pretty good day. Plus there wasn't a lot of bread in the backroom to put out so I wasn't there for very long.

I've decided since my church is doing a 21 or 41 (whichever you decide) fast that I would do a fast. My fast isn't the same as theirs, but it is fasting at that. I'm not drinking any pop or tea just water, milk, or juices (only exception may be a restaurant), I'm watching less tv (and therefore doing more housework), less time online (esp Facebook)..etc. It may be little things, but I want it to be things that I can do and not fail or not fail to horribly anyways. I know I'm not good at making my body obey me I always tend to give in. So I'm trying small things and will hopefully one day work up to bigger things.

I hope you've had a great day today!  

So that sums up my boring life for now. Sorry my life can't be a little more entertaining with travel, fine cuisine, a baby, acting,.. something more exciting. Lol. This is what I have for now and I'm okay with it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No. It's not a work that we like to hear, no matter who it's coming from. It is simply no. No you cannot go, no you cannot have, no you're not going to change my mind, etc. It's a hard word to hear when you really, really want something.

I currently want something so bad, more than I've wanted probably just about anything, but unfortunately the answer to my question is no. The answer isn't coming from my Husband, Mom or Dad, Sibling, Aunt or Uncle, etc. The answer is coming from God. You see God is the only one who can do what I'm asking. I know that sometimes the answer is no and God has a reason, whatever it is. But no is just so hard hear at a time like this.

I know that even though the answer is no that it isn't because He's incapable, it's just no. God is still a Healer, Way Maker, Peace Giver, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Alpha and Omega (Beginning and the End), etc. He never lost a title by telling me no because He's still all those things.

I'd love to say that all my prayers that I've ever prayed have been met with a yes, but I wouldn't be where I am today if they had been. So no is sometimes the best answer. I don't know why that is in this case, maybe there's something greater to come, another prayer being answered or a lesson that we needed to learn. I just don't know. I do know that as long as it's God's will that everything will be alright. And so I continue my best with life...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 20 Questions That Will Make You a Better Person

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 20 Questions That Will Make You a Better Person:

'via Blog this'

Ok so this was not what I was looking for, but there are some questions that people should ask themselves that are on this site. Questions that could just make your life better. Take a look, you never know what you'll find out...

January 7, 2012

Saturday, yep that's today. I re-did my nails, went to work around 3p.m., and then met my hubby in Lafayette to  shop via some gift cards from Christmas. We ate at Exotic Thai.

If you've never been there before it is, of course, a Thai restaurant. It's kind of expensive, but it has some great food. I suggest Sate, which is chicken sate a.k.a. chicken on a stick w/ peanut butter sauce (YUM!), the Mei Grab (Sp?), which is a very thin noodle with a sweet sauce on it, it kind of tastes like a sweet candy so it's good!, Thai toast, which is little toast like things with a sweet dipping sauce, and if you like coconut milk, chicken, and mushrooms I would tell you to try the Kha Tom Ghi (Sp?) I'm pretty sure that's what they call it, it's something like that. It's under the soups. Lol. Most of what we get is Appetizers, they're cheaper and still great.

We went to Gamestop and bought 3 games. Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Gears of War 3. Hubby and I love our video games. Recently we haven't had the chance to really play them with Christmas, New Year, The loss of Safari, work, etc. It's been a lot to deal with.

Currently we are sitting in our pj's in the living room watching the game : Detroit Lions VS The Saints. And we are rooting for The Lions. The Lions started out really good, but it's getting bad and my husband is getting mad. It's a current score Lions:14 Saints: 24 in the 3rd with 2:40 left on the clock. Now I'm not into sports, but for him when his team is on I try to make an effort to watch the game with him. Well, The Lions just made a possible touchdown... I'm praying they say it was a touchdown because my husband is loosing it over here! Here's hoping!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I love my husband..., but

Most of you will look at this and think, "um.. where is this going?" To stop any wild thoughts there's no, but we're getting divorced or anything like that. Moving on.

Any of you who are married, engaged, or that have had a decently long time boyfriend know that there are somethings about your man that you just hate. Mine would be I love my husband, but I hate how he is when he sees (tv) /plays (video game) sports.
Now you're probably wondering my reason. Well, I have a pretty good reason. Reason is: He becomes a jerk when things don't go his way. He'll tell me he messed up because I said something, asked him a question, or the very rare thing is that I'll quickly walk in front of the screen (which normally only happens when I don't realize he's started the game already) I think that's a pretty good reason. How about you?

Are there any things your husband, fiance, or boyfriend do that you just hate? If so feel free to leave a message and tell me about it.

Have a great day! God Bless!

January 6, 2012

For once today was a normal Friday. The holidays have just made everything so crazy! I was actually able to do basically everything normally. I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, and went to work.

Work was as work should be (boring yet hectic all at the same time), except my mom was there doing her part of the rental work today. That was cool. I actually have a pretty fantastic mom! She's cool to hang out with, one of those you're my mom, but you're also my best friend. It's fabulous. She's been a big help and supporter through the loss of our sweet Safari. I'm so glad to know that I can always go to my mom with any problem.

After work I got to work. Yep, work then work again. But at least the second job takes much, much less time. That went.. okay, I guess. There were tons of people at Walmart and everyone kept getting in my way. I understand that they are there to shop, but I'm there to stock the shelf.. Without me (and others like me) there would be no merchandise to buy. So all I ask is for some understanding and that they at least attempt to quickly get out of my way. That's not to much to ask for, is it?

Currently I'm sitting at home and I'm waiting for my hubby to get home. (It's still hard to believe that we celebrated our 2 year anniversary in October and that we've been together 3 years. The time just flies by.) Yeah, so I got home, greeted our furry family members and cleaned their litter box. Now I just need to do, at least, some of the dishes. I already worked so I honestly don't want to get up and do them, but I guess they need done and all I'm doing is waiting, so why not.

Hopefully my mom, Smichael (my step-dad Mike, Smichael is a nickname), my hubby and I will be able to go out and do our normal Friday evening dinner at Los Amigos. Great food there! Plus I just love spending time with my mom and Smichael and of course my wonderful hubby.

Well, off to do the dishes. At least I have a radio in there so I can listen to music while doing the dishes. No worries, the radio is no where near the sink. Lol.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Glass Box: Tassels anyone?

Little Glass Box: Tassels anyone?: I have officially cheated the time consuming process of the tassel making system ! I was so excited when I made these for our New Year's ph...

I LOVE tassels! So when I saw the title I couldn't help, but look! Of course I would have looked anyways. Lol. What's so awesome is the tassels look great, can be used for all different reasons, and are super simple. I cannot wait to do some of my own tasseling now. Thank you for the tips and ideas, Little Glass Box!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

And finally I am to today. So far today hasn't been very interesting the normal eating, taking a bath, getting dressed, checking the mail, etc. I will have to go to work today, yesterday was my day off, a very much needed day off.

I must admit that the only 'good part' of losing Safari that I've found is that I'm trying to be much, much more loving to our 3 cats. I mean we aren't mean to them, but sometimes they just get put on the back burner when it comes to being pet and loved on. But now first thing when I get down the stairs I tell our cats individually good morning (insert name) and I spend a minute or so petting each one. And I make time throughout the day to talk to them or just sit down next to (or stand over) them and pet them. If they want to lay in my lap I am much more willing to move everything out of their way so that they can. And before we go to bed we make sure to go to each one of them and tell them good night and pet them. It may seem weird to some people, but you really never know when the last day of their (or your) life will be and while they're living and while I am living I want to take the time to let them know that they are loved.

So you've heard my day so far and a 'lesson' I've learned through our loss.

I'm getting ready to go to work and thinking about dinner. Not sure if we'll be going out to eat (since we still have gift cards to spend) or if I will cook. I'd much rather prefer going out because I don't like to cook and when you go out to eat someone else has to do the dishes. That may be kind of mean, but hey they get paid to do it.

I think I will continue (or at least try to continue) blogging about each day. I may miss some days, but I'll try my hardest to get on here and tell you what's going on, how I'm feeling, any new lessons I've learned, etc.

I can't wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for my husband and I, I'm sure things will get much better than the way it started (In Jesus Name!) I also can't wait to see what happens in the lives of the people around me. It's all pretty exciting.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog and that you will come back and join me on my next blog. Have a great day! God Bless!

January 3, 2012

I took Nyquil so I slept decently. I needed the Nyquil because I only had a few hours sleep the night before due to our unforeseen loss. I woke up feeling better. I could think about Safari and not cry and whenever I felt like something was going to make me sad enough to cry I would think of a happy moment where she was playing or cuddling with Miles or myself and if that didn't work I would try to shut her memory out completely, just to keep from crying. I did so well, I was over half way through the day and I hadn't cried, but then at around 4:30p.m., maybe 5:00p.m. I was talking to Miles on the phone and I brought her up. I said how I missed her and I wish that I could hold her and I lost it. I cried for a good 30 minutes or so (off and on) then I continued on with the rest of my evening. Miles received the last 2 of his Christmas gifts so he opened those :) He fell asleep while I watched Tangled. And then we went upstairs and finished Trespass, which just about made me cry again due to it being what we were watching when we found Safari. We then watched No Strings Attached. Yeah we were up until 1a.m. or a little later, I don't think he knows that.  Then we went to bed, well we were in bed already, but you know what I mean, we went to sleep.
And that was my January 3rd.

January 2, 2012

This was a very hard day. It was my first day waking up and realizing that she wasn't going to be here. I cried and I cried and bawled, not matter what I was doing. Sweeping, dishes, listening to music, etc. My mom came over and spent quite a few hours with me talking. We talked about Safari things she'd do, possible causes of her death, where we were going to bury her, how perfect of a cat she was, how we prayed for a miracle to bring her back, etc. And I cried and cried.
I had to work at 3p.m. so I did. I didn't cry while I was there. I wasn't in a rush to get anything done I took it slow, unlike normal. I just was there and I did what I needed to do then I left.
Came home and I did dishes and cried some more.
This say was definitely my day of mourning.
Mom invited us over for tacos, so we went there and spent a few hours there. Miles started falling asleep so we had to go home and get him to bed. I cried once while being there. It helped get my mind off of everything while we were there. I honestly didn't want to leave I could have stayed the night there and been just fine.
That was my day January 2nd.

January 1, 2012

January 1st was of course New Year. On New Years Eve we stayed up until 1 a.m., which would technically be New Years Day. Miles was still on his 2 week vacation and we got McDonalds for breakfast and lunch (so healthy, right?) Then he got Little Caesars Pizza for dinner (or at least I think that's what it's called.. it's the one attached to Family Video. Lol.) And not to long after eating we started to watch Trespass (w/ Nicholas Cage) and we were maybe 30 min away from the end and we found out that Safari had died. Tried to revive her. Then mourned a little. I felt sick the rest of the night and into the next morning. So that's the excitement for Jan 1st.

R.I.P. Safari (?/?/2011-1/1/2012)

Scared For Someone I Know

Don't freak out it's nothing to terribly serious, like not life or death serious. But it's a serious matter of the heart. Someone that I've known most of my life, we aren't close or anything now, but I've known her is currently falling for another someone that I've known most of my life.

Now I've had my ups and downs with both someones, but I'm over it and I'm sure they are as well (at least I hope they are) But I know that she is a good person who loves God and I really want her to have a great guy in her life (that is worth marrying eventually) and I want this guy to have a great girl I really do, but I'm just hoping that he's matured and that he's really going to be in this relationship for the long haul and that he'll be marriage material.

I know that being marriage material and being married is no easy feat. There are a lot of things that go with being marriage material.
For guys: You must be capable of love, you must be trustworthy, won't cheat, keep a job, keep an apartment or house, etc.
For women: You are expected to know how to clean, cook, be a good wife, be capable of love, be trustworthy, won't cheat, sometimes women have to have a job which would mean keeping said job, etc.
It's not easy, but it is necessary. I really hope that they can have (at least) the most important necessities of being marriage material before they get married.

I love them both and I want the best for them both, but I just worry...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dream Home

Dream Home:

'via Blog this'

Well, as I mentioned in a previous post I am now on Pinterest, which is a cool site.
The above link will take you to my Dream Home Board, which will show you a few pictures that I've found or seen of things that I would have in my dream home.

I figured that finding pictures of my dream home would be super easy, but I found out that it's not. I must be more picky than I knew. I have many different styles, which does cause a bit of a problem with a dream home or my lovely home that I live in now. But I thought you could click on that and see a little bit of my style and maybe get some ideas for your own home. Enjoy!

How I'm Doing (After Loss)

Yesterday was a very hard day for me. It was the first time waking up and it hitting me that Safari was gone. I cried a lot. If someone would have seen me they probably would have thought that I'd lost a best friend or a family member. Safari though she was a cat was most definitely a family member. She wasn't a family member for a very long time due to her short lived life, but she was a very loved family member. It was very hard losing her. She was the perfect cat, no joke.

Today I woke up, I remembered that she wouldn't be here when I got downstairs, I haven't cried, and I have tried to not think to much about it and when I think of something sad I try to think of something happy such as her playing around the house. Okay well this is making me just about cry so I need a new topic. Maybe one day I'll be able to talk about it and not cry.

I'll start a new post, that should help.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Safari (Born ?/?/2011 Died 1/1/2012)

 This is Safari and some pictures of her very, very short life.

We found Safari, she was a stray that came up to our house for food, since we feed the strays.

A little bit about her:
Name: Safari
Age: Around 18 weeks
Breed: Unknown
Color/Marking: Light gray with blackish-gray stripe and circle markings
Favorite toy: A purple fuzzy string thing
Favorite place(s) to lay: Boxes, papers, plastic bags
Favorite place to sleep: Cuddled up next to myself or my husband

 She loved to be pet and to be held. And she would purr. Oh my, would she purr. You would barely touch her and she would purr.
 She did this cute thing. Well, she did lots of cute things. But she did this one particular thing where she would be sleeping and she'd meow. Her own meowing would wake her up and then she'd be all upset that she got woke up. Eventually she'd fall back asleep and then she'd do it again.
 She loved to play. It didn't matter if she was playing with my husband or I, one of our cats, or by herself. She just loved to play. Actually she was playing just 30 min. before she passed. She played then laid down in a normal spot of hers in front of the coffee table. We heard a cough (Miles said he heard 2 within 10-15 min of each other, but I didn't), we checked on her to make sure she was okay, but she wasn't, she was gone. We tried to see if she was maybe choking on something, but we couldn't see anything in her mouth. I tried a type of CPR where I pushed her chest to try to pump her heart (which wasn't beating) and tried moving her arm like I'd seen done on Discovery Channel. We tried praying. Nothing worked.
 I had a dream last night in the very short amount of time that I actually slept. In my dream she was dead, but we had prayed over her, put her in the box, put her and the box in the garage (everything like last night) and then I went to sleep, but when I woke up I went to see if maybe, just maybe God provided us with a miracle and in the dream when I opened the door there she was walking around just waiting on me to come get her.
 So this morning I woke up, threw on some appropriate outside clothing and a coat, I unlocked the garage and looked around, but she wasn't waiting on me. She was in her box, just laying there.
I kept looking as I was walking to the garage door hoping I'd see her paw trying to reach under the door or that I'd hear her meow, but there was nothing, just a cold, dark garage and her lifeless body.
 It's hard to imagine that I'll never see her alive again. I'll never see her beautiful eyes so full of life. I'll never see her play, hear her purr, or get to cuddle on the sectional with her.
The happiest thing I can say is that she died in a nice warm house, in a comfy spot, near the people that loved her and not outside in the cold where we first found her.
 Here's to you Safari, the greatest cat I've ever known...

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Pinterest <---- Click here (only if you would like to join)

So I had NO clue what Pinterest was and I couldn't really look at the site without joining... So I joined.

Okay, more like I requested to join, which in all honesty I think is stupid, but that's the way they work it. Once I was offered a membership I got on and at first I thought it was kind of stupid. But it works for them and I'm assuming they have a good reason for doing this. After all wouldn't you like to make sure that the right kind of people (non trouble makers) are on your site. It would stink to get a site up and then have a bunch of heathens ruin it.

So I mentioned I thought it was stupid, here's the reason. I mean really you just sit there and find pictures that you like or love and Pin (or Re-pin) them, add a comment about the picture, and select which board (category) of yours that you want it posted in.

The more I looked around the more cool things I found! You can find DIY crafts, sewing, crocheting, knitting, recipes, clothes, etc! You can post pictures of 'My Favorite Things' (or whatever you would call it), 'My Dream House', 'My Style' (Fashion, Clothes, etc.), etc. You can create a new board and call it anything you would like. And there's no nudity allowed so you don't have to worry about running into anything you shouldn't see.

It will find your friends from Facebook (or whatever) and automatically connect you to them and it will also connect you with people that have common interests once you select a few things that you are into.

Once you get to your Main Screen you look at it, if you're like me, and say, "Huh?!" But it's simple. The Main Screen shows all of your friends Pins, which is all the things that they like and it shows you where they got it from (or who they 'stole' it from), their comment on it, and what Board of theirs that they Pinned it to. If you see something they've (your friends or any random person on the site) posted you like you can 'Like' it or you can 'Re-pin' it. Now you can also go to Blogs or other websites and if you see something that you like or love you can hit the 'Pin It' Button that the site had you install, select the picture that you want to Pin and a little box will come up where you select which Board, add a comment, and then officially Pin it. Oh, on this page you can also choose to post it to Facebook (or wherever you originally signed in from)

You can look around the rest of Pinterest by using the tabs. The tabs are Everything (Where you choose from the different categories what you would like to look at), Videos, Popular, and Gifts (Which you can select a price range and it will show Pins from people who've Pinned good gift items that are within that price range)

The ADD + Button if you click it will bring up a box of options, which are Add a Pin (Add a Picture from another website), Upload a Pin (Add a picture from your computer), and Create a Board (Add a new category for different kinds of Pins)

And there's more, but I'm sure you can figure that out on your own. And if you can't then feel free to comment on here and I'll be more than happy to help you.

I might add that unfortunately Pinterest cannot take pictures from certain websites, which can be a bummer, but I'm sure if you want it on there bad enough you'll find a way to get it on there. Even if you have to save the picture to your computer and then load it onto Pinterest. Lol. Just a thought...

Happy Pinning!