Friday, January 13, 2012

My Calling

We all have a calling and often it takes us a while to find out what it is, but I've known for quite a while, since around 13. I knew that 1. I was to get married and 2. the man I would marry would have a passion that was the same as my own. Check, check!

My passion is the Youth, no not the little kids. I mean the Young Adults and Teens (13-20's)

When I first knew about my calling I was confused on if it was to be a Pastor's Wife or a Youth Leader's Wife (or whatever title the church has on it) But the older I got the more of a passion I felt toward the Youth and then I knew. I also knew when I found out that my husband had the same passion.

Times have been hard and we haven't been to church a lot. Tsk, tsk... I know. But I am trying to get back to going at least both services on Sundays. Wednesdays are very hard due to when my husband gets off work. By the time he gets off work, gets home from his 30 minute drive, we get food (that I've cooked or otherwise), and eat we're completely out of time to get ready for church or often church has already started. So Wednesdays are just not good. I will inform you that we don't live any different when we aren't going to church than when we are.

I know that the only way to become Youth Leader is to be at church faithfully and to faithfully pay tithes. Well, there are other things as well, but those two are at the top of the list. Clearly paying tithes won't happen if we aren't at church. Sure we could send it in, but I guess it's never crossed my mind.

Also the couple that are over the Youth would have to step down. I don't see this happening since they just took over, unless they can't handle a baby and the Youth. By NO means would we ever try to take their position from them, if this is where God wants them then this is where I want them. They are good people and the Youth are lucky to have them. Btw, if either of you read this congrats :)

I also have no clue if our church is the church we'll one day be Youth Leaders at. There are so many churches and God could call us anywhere, which is kind of scary. I love my church so I would like it to be there, but it would need to be God's will.

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