Thursday, January 26, 2012

This And That

Finding that I'm out of words. I have no clue what to say. That's why  I haven't been blogging.

I'm watching Heroes again. My husband and I were watching it before, but it seemed to get boring to him, so we stopped watching it. I finally decided that I wanted to know how it ended. So here I am trying to get to the ending. So far I'm interested, but annoyed at how things are going.. it better get better.

My husband has been upset because things don't get done when I feel sick. I do a little here and there, but when I feel sick all I do is lay down, that's when I feel the best. Of course my body is aching because of all the laying down. I wish it was Spring time and warm, then I could take a walk everyday. I think that would make me feel better.

I'm not big on breakfast, so would you like to know what I had? Ok, I had spaghetti! Lol. It was good.

I have a Dr. appointment on the 7th, my absolute favorite thing ever. Not. I really don't like going to the Dr., but they know things I don't so I guess it is necessary. Gotta stay healthy! God gave me this body, it's the only one I get so I have to take care of His Temple.

I still can't believe that the Harry Potter series is over! I wish they would make more, it's not like they couldn't make another bad guy up, fill in those, what 17 years? between Voldemort and having kids going to their first year of school. But I can understand how the actors/actresses would like to do other things. Like Daniel Radcliff in The Woman In Black, which I can't wait to see just because he's in it.

I can't decide if I'm still hungry. So I haven't ate anymore. I hate not knowing if I'm hungry or not.

Well, I think that's all the 'interesting' things that have happened recently so I'll be getting off here now. Have a great day! Hopefully soon I'll have something more exciting to blog about.

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