Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little Bit Of Everything..

Sore throats! Ugh! I can't stand it. And unfortunately I have one. It's been around for a couple of days and I thought it would just go away, but no, it's still here. So I've been trying to drink hot honey and lemon tea to help at least soothe it. Hopefully it will go away and not become anything more serious than just a sore throat.

I do believe I told you I was doing a type of fast since my church is fasting? Yeah, if not now you know. Anyways, that's going pretty well, for me. I say for me because I'm doing better at keeping to it than I thought I would. Except for now that I'm drinking this hot tea. I can't drink tea without sugar, it grosses me out. Lol.

Garfield, Scooter, and Tootsie all got baths yesterday. They feel SO much softer! It's amazing! And they smell good too. Lol. They're all doing well. They sleep a lot, like normal. I just keep praying that they are all healthy and that nothing bad will happen to them. I couldn't stand to lose another cat, esp not so soon.

You know how I beat Bioshock? Well, today I finished off Bioshock 2! It was a little bit harder, but I still enjoyed it. I'm kind of hoping they'll make another one, but something tells me that they won't. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. ... UPDATE: I just checked and it seems they have made a 3rd Bioshock called Bioshock Infinite! Unfortunately it won't be released until December 31, 2012. So I have quite a while to wait. Hopefully I can find a game I like just as much for in the mean time.

it's 1:44p.m. My tea is cold now, I'm a slow drinker. So I need to go warm that up. Later on I have work. Joy, joy. Hopefully I don't make anyone sick and hopefully going outside doesn't make me worse. Guess I'll just bundle up and pray that I keep warm. Speaking of which I should probably put some stretchy pants under my skirt for some extra protection. I wish we could just get to Spring time already.

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