Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012

Whelp, I've missed a few days, but I knew I would so no biggie.

Yesterday I finally bought what we are going to bury Safari in. Also yesterday I got a package in the mail and it was from my hubby. He bought me the Detroit Lions shirt I've been wanting. Sure maybe I don't like sports, but he does and that's his team, so I'll support them. Plus I like the Lion Logo and that beautiful color of blue.

Today I finished my video game, Bioshock. I really liked playing it, but it made me mad when I found out everything. The ending 'credit video' (whatever it's actually called) made me sad, yes, I know it is fake, but I guess I'm a sap. I started playing Bioshock 2. It's a lot like the 1st, but I think it's a little harder.

Walmart, yeah I hate going to Walmart (Wm) I used to work there (for Wm) and now I work in Wm, but for a different company. I hate it! I don't like going there to work, I want to go there to do whatever shopping is necessary then leave. But today wasn't so bad. Here recently Wm has been a mad house, for no reason. But today it was calmer and I only had one person ask me where something (that had nothing to do with bread) was. So it was a pretty good day. Plus there wasn't a lot of bread in the backroom to put out so I wasn't there for very long.

I've decided since my church is doing a 21 or 41 (whichever you decide) fast that I would do a fast. My fast isn't the same as theirs, but it is fasting at that. I'm not drinking any pop or tea just water, milk, or juices (only exception may be a restaurant), I'm watching less tv (and therefore doing more housework), less time online (esp Facebook)..etc. It may be little things, but I want it to be things that I can do and not fail or not fail to horribly anyways. I know I'm not good at making my body obey me I always tend to give in. So I'm trying small things and will hopefully one day work up to bigger things.

I hope you've had a great day today!  

So that sums up my boring life for now. Sorry my life can't be a little more entertaining with travel, fine cuisine, a baby, acting,.. something more exciting. Lol. This is what I have for now and I'm okay with it.

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