Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hubby's Got A New Job!

I don't believe I've ever told you guys, but my Hubby has been looking for a new job that's closer to home to save us money and to hopefully get better pay. Seriously who doesn't want better pay? So anyways he's been looking and looking and had a couple of places that we heard were hiring, but they never worked out. 

Well, we heard from one of the people that he works with that a place in our town was hiring. Unfortunately they only hire through Manpower. So he goes to Manpower says he's interested in this job.

I believe the next day, maybe 2, he received a call saying they wanted to interview him. So he goes to the interview that day and the interview went really well. The lady said they would talk to who they needed to talk to and get back with him on Monday or Tuesday, which was a few days away... Bummer. 

Monday comes around and we haven't heard anything so Miles calls and gets a hold of some lady at Manpower who says, "Oh, I guess _______ hasn't told you. You start on _____________." So Miles asks if he needs to go in for a drug test. Which of course he does... seriously I've never heard of any place giving a hire date until the test has been done. Obviously he passes the test, which he found out right away.

He gave his current job a 2 week notice and will be starting his new job after that! 

We are so excited!

Now it's going to be less pay for the first 3 months since he'll be working through Manpower, but after that the actual company will hire him full-time, we'll get full benefits, and better pay than his current job! 

I knew God would provide and he did! He didn't just supply a job in our town, but also the better pay. I can't believe all the great blessings we've received in the past 4 months!

The Day After Shots

Well since yesterday Seth has been fussier. 
He did well yesterday, as long as he wasn't tired or sleepy. I guess he's kind of the same today, but it just seems worse for some reason. 
He's currently sleeping in my arms. He just looks SO sweet! 

I can't wait for Hubby to get home so I can have a little break from the crying. I love Seth and I don't like to be away from him. I just need someone else to take care of him for 15 minutes to an hour. Then I'm good to go again. Lol. 

Well, my neck has been hurting me SOOOOOO bad today. I have no clue why, but it really, really needs to stop. It's bad enough being at home with my neck hurting like this, but I have to go to work like this today too. I can't get my neck to pop. I think I need a massage... maybe it will help it to pop. Where's my Hubby when I need him? Oh yeah, work. ... Speaking of work that's another thing I need to tell you about, but that's for another Post. I'll start working on that now. 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4 Month Shots

Today Seth got shots :( He took the Oral Medicine and didn't cry this time. But he got 3 shots and he didn't like that at all. He cried and cried. Luckily the Nurse was quick about it and I got to pick him up right after she put the bandaids on. 
It took him a couple of minutes to stop crying. When he did stop my mom and I got him put in the carseat. 

We went to set up his next appointment, which is at 6 months (in March) 

On the way home he fell asleep. He stayed asleep for 4 hours. He's just now waking up and he's hungry so he's fussy. Time will tell how he's going to be for the next few days. 

I'll try to keep you in the loop on how he's doing. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prayer Request

I, like many of you, have a prayer request. I won't add this person's name, picture, or anything like that because they don't like their information online, which I guess I can understand due to some of the crazies that are out their stealing people's information. Anyways....
This person I know and care a lot about is needing a Kidney and Pancreas Transplant. They've been needing it for a while and every time we thought this one is it, it wasn't. Well, this person has a family member who is willing to donate, but this potential donor has to have some tests done to make sure they're a match and healthy and such. 

So please pray that everything will match and be healthy. And that they can get this transplant done soon. It's really, really wearing this person down and it's heartbreaking to see them this way. 

Thank you. 

Also if you have any prayer request feel free to leave a comment and I'll be sure to pray for you as well. 

4M, You Know What That Means

My son is 4 months old! And if you know much about babies you know that means more shots. *dun, dun, dun* With Seth's last shots he was fussy for 3 days! 

They (whoever They are) say that if the first shots were bad then the second ones aren't so bad and vice versa. So hopefully this will be the case with him, but if not... I'm going to be in for some fun. 

He'll be getting these shots tomorrow. I'll Blog sometime after them and let you all know how the shots went and how he's acting after getting them. 

If you pray, please pray that he'll take them well. 
He's already been fussy recently. We think he's teething. My poor little guy. So you can add some prayers for Miles and I for some sanity in there too. Lol. 
He's always been such a happy, non-fussy baby so teething and shots are so hard for us because we aren't used to the crying. 

Well, I guess I should stop blogging (at least about this) because I'm running out of words to say on this subject, so away I go. I hope you have a fantastic day, even if it is a bit rainy and wet, at least it's a warmer day than we've been having.  

Monday, January 28, 2013

Rock & Roll Sleeper

Seth now will roll in his crib to sleep on his side or his stomach! It's so cute to go in his room and see him sleeping like a little man.
It's to dark in his room to take a picture when he's sleeping and I'm afraid to wake him up with the flash of the camera. So for now you'll have to use your imagination and take my word for it.
He's officially 4 months old as of yesterday! My boy is getting big, but hey that's supposed to happen, not that it makes it any less sad.
He's sleeping now, in my arms :)

Hope you're all having a great day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

4 Months

In a few days my baby boy will be 4 months old!

If you've been reading my posts you know all the cool new things he's learned. Like rolling, he can roll in every direction, back to tummy, and tummy to back. He's 'talking', he laughs, plays with his hands and feet, sleeps in his crib and doesn't wake me up in the middle of the night for a bottle, he's been trying to pull himself up into the sitting position, he can sit up with support of pillows or people, he can hold his own bottle for a minute or two, etc. I love how much he's learned!  He's very smart.

We take his picture A LOT, but I decided since he's almost 4 months that I would take some more professional looking photos. So I took some pretty good ones. I want to take some better ones later, but he was just laying on this blanket on the floor and looked so cute that I just had to start my professional looking photo's there. The others I'll make a backdrop and such, maybe have some props too.

He did all his own posing I just snapped the pictures. (Which there wasn't much moving. Lol.)
God did an awesome job forming this little guy! He's so adorable! I'm so blessed. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How About A Thank You!

I think that far to many men think being a mom is a 'walk in the park'. And you know what that is insulting! Not only are we expected to clean every room in our house, make dinner, and take care of ourself, we also take care of our children.

Do we begrudge taking care of our children, no. But we do take offense when we are trying to clean, take care of our kid(s), and take care of ourself and someone decides to criticize on all the things we didn't get to or that we forgot!

Pardon us if we're trying to be a good mom and something doesn't get done the way or in the timing of someone else.

Our children comes first!

Instead of making a fuss about what didn't get done how about making a positive comment on what did get done, eh?

I require the thank you's, the you look nice's, the the house looks great's, the I like the effort you're putting in's, etc. And I know that many, many women are like me. So if you're a guy and you happen to stumble upon this and read it take a hint and tell your lady at home something positive and don't add anything negative to it.

Example: "Thanks for doing the dishes. Now if only you'd cook." Is not a compliment.
"Honey (Babe), thanks for doing the dishes, I really love the effort you've put into the house today." Is a compliment.

A woman's job as a wife and a mother is not easy. Don't take us for granted. Not being appreciated is a very, very quick way to make us upset or even depressed.

Just some advice. Take it, treasure it.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Gift Idea For Women

I have something here I know you'll love!
A simple, CHEAP gift idea for women.
Good for Birthdays, Christmas, or Just Because.

No, I'm not lying to you like the TV commercials. Why? Because I'm not asking for any of your money and I wouldn't do that even if I was. 
Although if you'd like me to set one up for you I'd gladly do it, but it'd cost you for the items and a few bucks for my time, but it'd still be cheap.

Still interested? Want to see it? Of course you do!

A gift basket. Yes, we see them EVERYWHERE! Truth be told a lot of us have thought I could do that myself for much cheaper, but we've never taken the time to do it. Well, we should have started a long time ago. I did this for $7. Yup, $7! And to finish it off as a gift all you need is either some of the plastic that companies use for theirs or you could do like I intend to do and use tulle.

Just go to Dollar Tree and pick up some nice Lotions, Body Wash, Body Spray, Bubble Bath, Candles, or whatever else you'd like to put in it. Pick up a basket of your choosing. Put it all in. Wrap it. Pretty simple, eh?

Let's be honest money is tight for everyone right now and though we love our family and friends we're all looking for a cheaper gift that is still nice.  This is it.

You could fill this with Bath Supplies, Cleaners, Candles and such, Candy, or anything else that will fit. And hey if you ever get one of these for a gift and have no use for the basket you could always use it for your next gift.

Everyone appreciates a gift filled with things that you can actually use so why not give it to them? We all have to bathe and clean house, so go for it.

Hope you like the idea and can use it for your own family and friends! Happy Gifting!

His Own Bed

For over a week now Seth has been sleeping in his crib! He sleeps so well in there. I think it's because he has so much room. He's started sleeping on his side every once in awhile, it's so cute he looks like such a little man. 

He doesn't wake up in the middle of the night wanting a bottle anymore *BIG SMILE*, but he does wake up around 5 times or so during the night wanting his Buddy (pacifier) put back into his mouth. Hopefully soon he'll learn that he can put it back into his mouth by himself so I don't have to wake up and trip over things to do it. 

It's so cute! He now wakes up in the morning and starts "talking". He's very loud about it so it's impossible to sleep through so once he starts talking I know that ready or not it's time to get up. Luckily he starts talking around 8a.m. so it's not to bad. 

I love that he sleeps in the crib so well, but I hate having to walk around my bed so many times to get to him. I can't talk Miles into switching sides of the bed so that it would be easier on me. Oh well, before I know it he'll be able to take care of all of his 'night needs' and I won't need to get up to help. I'm sure I'll be sad about that after I get over the initial, "Woo-hoo no more waking up in the middle of the night!"  

Lovin' my little Sugar! (I call him Sugar because he's so sweet!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Less Nap More Fun

Oh my word! Seth has had 1 nap today and that nap was only maybe 10 minutes.  This is so weird compared to how he normally does. I know this is what is supposed to happen, it's just going to take some getting used to..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

House Cleaning While Being A Mommy

Anyone who has or has ever had a baby knows that cleaning with a baby in the house is extremely hard. Especially when you don't have older children around the house to help out. Plus let's just be honest some of us are lazy and/or hate house cleaning so we just shove it off for another day because seriously it's not like the mess is going to get up and walk away (Although we wish it would.)

So my point was is that I've learned that house cleaning with a baby can't be one of those weekly chores. You can't just say, "Okay it's (Pick a day of the week) let's clean the whole house" because baby is going to need your attention and lots of it.  So cleaning has to be done every single day between taking care of baby, your spouse, and yourself.

After much thought I came up with a simple list to help me out with my everyday cleaning. I listed each day of the week and assigned certain chores for that day. My list looks something like this

Sunday- Dust, vacuum, and sweep
Monday- Pick up the Living room, make sure all the clothes are out of the Living room, put the baby toys away, fold all the blankets and put them back on the backs of the chairs, clean off the coffee table, etc.
Tuesday- Clean off the Dining room table, make sure everything is put in it's proper place, etc.
Wednesday- Do dishes, clean counter tops, clean stove, make sure all the food is put away, etc.
Thursday- Clean up the office desk, deep clean the cat box (empty litter and everything out and put new litter in), clean 1/2 bath toilet and sink, etc.
Friday- Clean Seth's room, put away clothes, put toys away, stock diapers, etc.
Saturday- Clean upstairs bathroom toilet, sink and shower, organize the closet (it has our perfume, cologne, deodorant, extra shampoo, conditioner, etc.)

And Repeat

What I did was I went from room to room in order, after the dusting, vacuuming and sweeping that it. When you walk in our home there's our Living room, then our Dining room, the Kitchen to the right (from the Dining room), the Office to the left (from our Dining room), and the 1/2 Bath door is in the kitchen. I chose the kitchen to be next instead of the office because people see our Kitchen more than they see the Office. I can close the Office doors our kitchen has no door and you have to walk through the Kitchen to get to the 1/2 Bath.
Btw, that's going to change whenever we get enough money. We will be moving the door from the Kitchen and into the Dining room. Neither place is really that great to enter a bathroom from, but I'd like the door out of the Kitchen for more space and so people won't need to go into our Kitchen. I may even put a door on our Kitchen at that time.
Anyways there is another room downstairs, but that's the Laundry Room and it keeps pretty clean.

From there I moved upstairs. The way I chose to do that was Seth's room is easy to clean and I already work and Fridays so I wanted something easy for that day, so naturally that's what I chose. Then the bathroom, which is next to his room. We have 2 other rooms upstairs the Master bedroom and our Reading room, which got left off the list and I'll tell you why that is. For the reading room it really never gets used so I can go in there one time and basically never have to clean it again. As for our bedroom no one goes into our bedroom and my main focus on the list was for rooms that are seen by others, so our room is a clean when you get free time zone.

Obviously if you chose to do the same kind of list then you'll have to set it to your needs. Which room needs cleaned first, what things have to be done, what rooms are the most important in your eyes when it comes to cleanliness, etc.

You'll find that if you keep to this list that it will be easier and easier each week to clean your home and you may even get to things that you never thought you had time for before.. like a coat closet or the basement. Luckily I don't have a coat closet, but I do have a basement.. unfinished with spiders EEK! Can I just wait to clean that until we get it finished? LOL God only knows when that will be I'm sure it'll be a while though.

Seth's New Accomplishments

Seth has started a few "new" things. He's growing and learning so quickly. I'm so proud of him.

So you're asking, "These new things are....?"
Well, I'll tell you. Occasionally he will play in his ExerSaucer. He's starting to hold his bottle by himself more. Staying awake more and more. Rolling from his tummy to his back or from his back to his sides like a pro.  (He's rolled from his back to his tummy a couple of times, but doesn't feel like doing that any more.) We now put Rice in his bottle and he'll eat Baby Food.

Baby food we've tried Bananas = Big no he didn't like the taste, Sweet Carrots = Yes, Green Beans = Okay he doesn't really like the taste but he'll eat it, and I believe there was another one but I can't remember what it was. In about 3 days we'll be trying Sweet Peas.

So far no signs of allergies. Thank God! I pray he doesn't have allergies to anything, especially not food.

He's currently on his second/third-ish nap of the day. He went to sleep for his second nap, woke up for a few minutes, and then went right back to sleep. Lol. So that's why I'm not sure what nap to call this.

Okay well, I'm going to go back to my Bones and house cleaning now. Have a great day!

Friday, January 11, 2013

I haven't slept well in a week and I wake up with a headache. Not sure what is going on, but it needs to stop. I can't be the best mommy I can be when I've got a headache and not enough sleep.
Luckily Seth has been a really good baby.. Not that he isn't a good baby all the time. He's the best baby I've ever been around. But I'm just saying we haven't really had any fussy days so that's been making it easier on me me.
Hopefully I'll start sleeping better soon and get rid of these headaches as well. Hope none of you are dealing with this too.
Have a great day!  Looks like the weather is great here! It's about time

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Learning to sit up

Seth can sit up for a minutes if he's propped up. Then he slides and falls to his side or starts to lean forward. He's learning so much :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Call Who I Tell You To!

So I just tried to call my boss from my contacts list the same number I always use for him and got sold of someone else....What the world?!
Found out he hadn't changed his number so I guess Sprint messed up. How weird!
I hate talking on the phone enough without being scared of calling some stranger or someone I didn't mean to call....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rolling *check*

Seth has officially rolled from his back to both sides, from his tummy to his side then a few minutes later to his back, and from his back to his belly! So rolling is accomplished. He's been trying to crawl and I'm sure he'll learn it soon. He's such a fast learner. He may not start trying to do things at the same times as other kids, but once he decides he wants to do something he does it.