Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prayer Request

I, like many of you, have a prayer request. I won't add this person's name, picture, or anything like that because they don't like their information online, which I guess I can understand due to some of the crazies that are out their stealing people's information. Anyways....
This person I know and care a lot about is needing a Kidney and Pancreas Transplant. They've been needing it for a while and every time we thought this one is it, it wasn't. Well, this person has a family member who is willing to donate, but this potential donor has to have some tests done to make sure they're a match and healthy and such. 

So please pray that everything will match and be healthy. And that they can get this transplant done soon. It's really, really wearing this person down and it's heartbreaking to see them this way. 

Thank you. 

Also if you have any prayer request feel free to leave a comment and I'll be sure to pray for you as well. 

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