Tuesday, January 15, 2013

House Cleaning While Being A Mommy

Anyone who has or has ever had a baby knows that cleaning with a baby in the house is extremely hard. Especially when you don't have older children around the house to help out. Plus let's just be honest some of us are lazy and/or hate house cleaning so we just shove it off for another day because seriously it's not like the mess is going to get up and walk away (Although we wish it would.)

So my point was is that I've learned that house cleaning with a baby can't be one of those weekly chores. You can't just say, "Okay it's (Pick a day of the week) let's clean the whole house" because baby is going to need your attention and lots of it.  So cleaning has to be done every single day between taking care of baby, your spouse, and yourself.

After much thought I came up with a simple list to help me out with my everyday cleaning. I listed each day of the week and assigned certain chores for that day. My list looks something like this

Sunday- Dust, vacuum, and sweep
Monday- Pick up the Living room, make sure all the clothes are out of the Living room, put the baby toys away, fold all the blankets and put them back on the backs of the chairs, clean off the coffee table, etc.
Tuesday- Clean off the Dining room table, make sure everything is put in it's proper place, etc.
Wednesday- Do dishes, clean counter tops, clean stove, make sure all the food is put away, etc.
Thursday- Clean up the office desk, deep clean the cat box (empty litter and everything out and put new litter in), clean 1/2 bath toilet and sink, etc.
Friday- Clean Seth's room, put away clothes, put toys away, stock diapers, etc.
Saturday- Clean upstairs bathroom toilet, sink and shower, organize the closet (it has our perfume, cologne, deodorant, extra shampoo, conditioner, etc.)

And Repeat

What I did was I went from room to room in order, after the dusting, vacuuming and sweeping that it. When you walk in our home there's our Living room, then our Dining room, the Kitchen to the right (from the Dining room), the Office to the left (from our Dining room), and the 1/2 Bath door is in the kitchen. I chose the kitchen to be next instead of the office because people see our Kitchen more than they see the Office. I can close the Office doors our kitchen has no door and you have to walk through the Kitchen to get to the 1/2 Bath.
Btw, that's going to change whenever we get enough money. We will be moving the door from the Kitchen and into the Dining room. Neither place is really that great to enter a bathroom from, but I'd like the door out of the Kitchen for more space and so people won't need to go into our Kitchen. I may even put a door on our Kitchen at that time.
Anyways there is another room downstairs, but that's the Laundry Room and it keeps pretty clean.

From there I moved upstairs. The way I chose to do that was Seth's room is easy to clean and I already work and Fridays so I wanted something easy for that day, so naturally that's what I chose. Then the bathroom, which is next to his room. We have 2 other rooms upstairs the Master bedroom and our Reading room, which got left off the list and I'll tell you why that is. For the reading room it really never gets used so I can go in there one time and basically never have to clean it again. As for our bedroom no one goes into our bedroom and my main focus on the list was for rooms that are seen by others, so our room is a clean when you get free time zone.

Obviously if you chose to do the same kind of list then you'll have to set it to your needs. Which room needs cleaned first, what things have to be done, what rooms are the most important in your eyes when it comes to cleanliness, etc.

You'll find that if you keep to this list that it will be easier and easier each week to clean your home and you may even get to things that you never thought you had time for before.. like a coat closet or the basement. Luckily I don't have a coat closet, but I do have a basement.. unfinished with spiders EEK! Can I just wait to clean that until we get it finished? LOL God only knows when that will be I'm sure it'll be a while though.

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