Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How About A Thank You!

I think that far to many men think being a mom is a 'walk in the park'. And you know what that is insulting! Not only are we expected to clean every room in our house, make dinner, and take care of ourself, we also take care of our children.

Do we begrudge taking care of our children, no. But we do take offense when we are trying to clean, take care of our kid(s), and take care of ourself and someone decides to criticize on all the things we didn't get to or that we forgot!

Pardon us if we're trying to be a good mom and something doesn't get done the way or in the timing of someone else.

Our children comes first!

Instead of making a fuss about what didn't get done how about making a positive comment on what did get done, eh?

I require the thank you's, the you look nice's, the the house looks great's, the I like the effort you're putting in's, etc. And I know that many, many women are like me. So if you're a guy and you happen to stumble upon this and read it take a hint and tell your lady at home something positive and don't add anything negative to it.

Example: "Thanks for doing the dishes. Now if only you'd cook." Is not a compliment.
"Honey (Babe), thanks for doing the dishes, I really love the effort you've put into the house today." Is a compliment.

A woman's job as a wife and a mother is not easy. Don't take us for granted. Not being appreciated is a very, very quick way to make us upset or even depressed.

Just some advice. Take it, treasure it.

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