Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hubby's Got A New Job!

I don't believe I've ever told you guys, but my Hubby has been looking for a new job that's closer to home to save us money and to hopefully get better pay. Seriously who doesn't want better pay? So anyways he's been looking and looking and had a couple of places that we heard were hiring, but they never worked out. 

Well, we heard from one of the people that he works with that a place in our town was hiring. Unfortunately they only hire through Manpower. So he goes to Manpower says he's interested in this job.

I believe the next day, maybe 2, he received a call saying they wanted to interview him. So he goes to the interview that day and the interview went really well. The lady said they would talk to who they needed to talk to and get back with him on Monday or Tuesday, which was a few days away... Bummer. 

Monday comes around and we haven't heard anything so Miles calls and gets a hold of some lady at Manpower who says, "Oh, I guess _______ hasn't told you. You start on _____________." So Miles asks if he needs to go in for a drug test. Which of course he does... seriously I've never heard of any place giving a hire date until the test has been done. Obviously he passes the test, which he found out right away.

He gave his current job a 2 week notice and will be starting his new job after that! 

We are so excited!

Now it's going to be less pay for the first 3 months since he'll be working through Manpower, but after that the actual company will hire him full-time, we'll get full benefits, and better pay than his current job! 

I knew God would provide and he did! He didn't just supply a job in our town, but also the better pay. I can't believe all the great blessings we've received in the past 4 months!

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